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Author: fr0z3nfire
Created: March 6, 2005
Taken: 10,422 times
Rated: PG

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The Ultimate Boyfriend Survey

Created by fr0z3nfire and taken 10422 times on Bzoink
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Where did you two first meet?
When exactly did you two first meet?
What was your first impression of him?
When did you start liking him?
When did you two start going out?
How was with your first kiss with him like?
Is he your first boyfriend? If not, then which?
Are you his first girlfriend? If not, then which?
About Him
How much older/younger is he compared to you?
Hair colour?
Eye colour?
Astrological sign?
Skin colour?
Chest hair?
Scars? Where?
Know where's his birthmark if he has one?
Party animal/Stay at home kind?
Practical or more of the dreamy type?
His skills
Can he cook or bake?
Can he repair/fix things?
Can he dance?
Can he sing?
Can he draw?
Can he play any instrument?
Can he write well?
Can he make you laugh?
Can he make others laugh?
What is his talent if he has found it?
Is he good at science and math?
Things you like about him
What do you like about the things he say?
What do you like about the things he does?
What do you like about the things he does FOR YOU?
What part of his face do you like the most?
What part of his body do you like the most?
What part of his personality do you like the most?
What do you most admire about him?
What part of him attracts you the most?
Do you know what attracts him to you?
Random quirks
Is he a pet lover?
Animal lover?
Is he environmental-friendly?
What are his views on political issues?
Is he racist?
Is he a vegetarian?
Does he drink?
Sleep around?
Abuse drugs?
Is he hairy?
Does he donate to beggars?
Is he neat/messy?
His love life
Is he a romantic? Self-professed or closet?
Is he sentimental?
How did he woo you?
Does he give you flowers?
Does he lavish you with gifts?
Does he pay for your meals/tickets/etc?
Is he okay with confessing his love for you in public?
Does he express his love for you in words or actions?
Things you don't like about him (though you accept his faults)
Any habits of his that you dislike?
Any part of his appearance that you dislike?
Any part of his character that you dislike?
Your feelings for him
So..how long have you two been together?
Do you truly love him?
Does he truly love you?
Can you envision marrying him?

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