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About This Survey

Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: November 8, 2020
Taken: 1 times
Rated: PG

For Supernatural Fans (Long)

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 1 times on Bzoink
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How long have you been watching the show?
Which season are you on if you're watching it for the first time?
How did you find out about the show?
Would you ever watch a spin-off about side characters?
(Wayward Sisters was pitched but rejected.)
First episode you remember seeing?
Saddest episode?
Episode that makes you laugh?
A song you like that's been used on the show?
A character everybody loves but you dislike?
A character everybody dislikes that you love?
Character(s) you wish hadn't died?
A character you loved right away
A character that had to grow on you
A character you liked, but no longer do
Have you ever met any of the cast?
Who is your favorite character overall?
Favorite character other than Sam, Dean, or Cas?
Favorite angel (besides Castiel)
Least favorite good character
Least favorite villain
Favorite villain
Favorite episode(s)
Least favorite episode(s)
Favorite season
Least favorite season
Favorite demon besides Crowley
Favorite monster
Favorite Winchester family member other than Sam or Dean
Favorite actor from the show
Favorite quote from the show
Favorite redhead (Charlie, Abaddon, Rowena, Anna)
Favorite Crowley moment?
Favorite Gabriel moment?
Favorite Sam moment?
Favorite Dean moment?
Favorite Jack moment?
Favorite Castiel moment?
Favorite Bobby moment?
Favorite ruler of hell?
Favorite canon ship? (This includes Destiel now as of 15x18)
Favorite non-canon ship?
Live in the Bunker or drive Baby?
Be an angel or a demon?
Perform an exorcism or behead a vampire?
Hang out with Jack or Belphegor?
Rule hell or heaven?
Be a crossroads demon or a Knight of Hell?
Go to Purgatory or go to The Empty?
Hunt with Benny or Ruby?
LARP with Charlie or share fanfic with Becky?
Bring back Kevin or Bobby?
Bring back Mary or John?
Be a Men of Letters Legacy or a hunter?
Join Rowena's coven or be a crossroads demon?
Ruby 1.0 or 2.0?
Meg 1.0 or 2.0?
Sam or Dean?
Mary or Jody?
Bobby or John?
Adam or Michael?
Michael or Apocalype Universe Michael?
Gabriel or Balthazar?
Jack or Belphegor?
Belphegor or Crowley?
Rowena or Abaddon?
Lucifer or Chuck?
Donna or Charlie?
Charlie or Apocalype Universe Charlie?
Ketch or Mick?
Adam or Jack?
Sam and Ruby or Sam and Eileen?
Gabriel or Lucifer?
Charlie or Becky?
Chuck or Amara?
Castiel or Crowley?
Ruby or Meg?
Kevin or Donatello?
Donatello or Chuck?
Kevin or Jack?
Belphegor or Balthazar?
Deanmon or Belphegor?
Asmodeus or Cain?
Billie or Death?
Missouri or Jody?
Jody or Donna?
Season 7 or Season 11?
Samifer or Deanmon?
Soulless Sam or Soulless Jack?
Shapeshifters or Tulpa?
Witches or Vampires?
Wendigo or Werewolves?
Djinn or Ghouls?
Rugaru or Kitsune?
Wraiths or Sirens?
Metatron or Naomi?
Men of Letters or Hunters?
British Men of Letters or American Men of Letters
Sam, Dean, Cas
Mary, John, Bobby
Chuck, Adam, Garth
Jack, Crowley, Belphegor
Meg, Ruby, Rowena
Lucifer, Balthazar, Gabriel
Donna, Jody, Ellen
Kevin, Jack, Adam
Sam, Ash, Michael
Charlie, Abaddon, Rowena
Have you ever read or written Supernatural fanfic?
If yes, which characters were the main focus?
What about fanart?
Have you cosplayed any of the characters? Who?
Would you if you haven't? Who?
Own any merch?
Is there anything you wanted to happen on the show, but it never did?
Have you watched any of the actors in anything else?
Which character had the best intro? Farewell?
Did it bother you that they kept bringing Lucifer back or did you like him?
Thoughts on how Destiel became canon?
Another ship you wish had been canon?
Underrated characters?
Underrated episodes?
Is there a character you wish had been in more episodes?
A character or actor you crushed on?
The show was supposed to end with season 5. Would you have preferred it...
...that way or have you enjoyed the ten seasons after that?
Are you content with the way it is ending?
Or would you want it to keep going?
If they remake it in 15-20 years, what do you think they should change?
Okay, that's all I can come up with right now, lmao. Thanks for taking!