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Author: pinkmittens8
Created: July 17, 2020
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike? (2020 Me) (yes or no)

Created by pinkmittens8 and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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You have a cat.
Your name starts with S.
Your favorite color is red.
You work in healthcare.
You have a sister.
You are single.
You are talking to someone but not dating them.
You are 27 years old.
Your birthday is in October.
You have a house.
You have no children.
You have never been married.
You wear alot of black.
You are tall.
You are slender.
You live in Missouri.
Your favorite soda is Baja Blast mountain dew.
You also like Dr Pepper.
You are not very athletic.
You have tattoos.
You have piercings.
You are brunette.
You are scared of birds.
You hate Facebook.
You think pineapple does not go on pizza.
You are antisocial.
You are awkward.
You are shy.
You smoke.
You like horror movies.
You prefer ketchup over mustard.
You tend to be rather lazy.
Fall is your favorite season.
You like anime.
You like board games.
You play video games.
You have a twitch account.
You have green eyes.
You live in a small town.
You like playing Sims.
You prefer chinese food over mexican food.
You dont like running.
You have to sleep with a fan on all year round.
You eat alot of junk food.
You like bands like Tool or Deftones.