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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: May 24, 2020
Taken: 19 times
Rated: PG

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Another Random Survey

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 19 times on Bzoink
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Coffee or energy drinks?
Orange juice or mimosas?
Chocolate or vanilla milkshake?
Strawberry or cookies 'n cream milkshake?
Wine or champagne?
Lasagna or spaghetti?
Rome or Venice?
Sunbathing or swimming?
Beach volleyball or building sandcastles?
Bracelets or necklaces?
Earrings or rings?
Miami or Los Angeles?
New York City or Las Vegas?
Can you keep a secret?
Donuts or Churros?
Watermelon or cherries?
Strawberries or apples?
The Notebook or Fifty Shades of Gray?
Are you a virgin?
What is your star sign?
What would you do on an ideal weekend?
Where are you planning on vacationing to next? [when the pandemic is over]
Would you rather eat a meat burger or a plant based burger?
If you answered meat, why would you willingly pay for animals be killed?
Did you know that being vegan is not more expensive? That's a myth.
Okay moving on... do you know what Paul Frank shirts are? Ever owned one?
Ever seen John Tucker must Die?
Ever heard of or owned HitClips?
Ever seen Freaky Friday?
Ever seen Aquamarine?
Ever owned an iPod Nano? Do you still use it?
Ever seen or read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
Do you know/like the song Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne
Have you ever watched MTV? Favorite show?
Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls?
Degrassi or Skins?
Buffy The Vampire Slayer or The OC?
Are you a Taylor Swift fan?
Ever seen New Girl?
Blue or pink?
Yellow or green?
Red or orange?
Friends or How I Met Your Mother?
The 100 or Anne With An E?
Riverdale or The Vampire Diaries?
Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf?
Stranger Things or End of the F***ing World?
Paris or London?
Robin Hood or Hercules?
Mulan or Frozen?
Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast?
Drawing or singing?
How do you feel about humans?
What is your favorite time of day?
Iced tea or kombucha?
How much do you love Disney?
What is your greatest fear?
What are some traits you look for in a significant other?
Watching Netflix or reading?
Writing or painting?
Margarita or juice?
Genie or Jasmine?
Cinderella or Elsa?
Stitch or Dory?
Grandmother Willow or John Smith?
The rest of this survey will be names x]
Adelyn or Anna?
Alex or Andrew?
Aspen or Bailey?
Anthony or Baylor?
Blair or Brooke?
Ben or Bryson?
Carleigh or Caroline?
Carter or Chandler?
Claire or Danna?
Cooper or Dawson?
Delilah or Demi?
Denver or Dylan?
Elaina or Emma?
Emmett or Ethan?
Everleigh or Faith?
Evan or Finn?
Finley or Fiona?
Franklin or Frederick?
Georgia or Gigi?
Gage or Grayson?
Grace or Hannah?
Griffin or Haynes?
Hazel or Henley?
Hudson or Hunter?
Ivy or Izzy?
Ian or Isaac?
Julianna or June?
Jack or Jake?
Khloe or Kinley?
Kade or Kyle?
Lily or London?
Logan or Luke?
Maddy or Millie?
Maddox or Mason?
Naomi or Nia?
Nash or Nolan?
Alright, this is getting long, gonna stop now
What are your favorite kinds of surveys?
Alright, goodbye x]