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Author: joybucket
Created: May 16, 2020
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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Quarantine Survey

Created by joybucket and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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Do you know anyone who's caught the virus?
Have you caught the virus?
Do you wear a mask when you go out?
What state or country do you live in?
Are you required to wear a mask where you live?
Is your city/state on lockdown?
Do stores in your area have empty shelves?
Do you have asthma?
Are you worried about the virus?
Do you wear home-made masks?
During this pandemic, have you....
ran out of toilet paper?
stocked up on toilet paper?
filmed a youtube video?
watched youtube videos?
made tiktoks?
wrote a letter to someone?
written in a diary?
cleaned your room?
driven somewhere?
lost your job?
worn a mask?
been to the doctor?
had a fever?
had a cough?
had a sore throat?
had allergy symptoms?
used an inhaler?
laid out in the sun?
been to the pharmacy?
gone grocery shopping?
worn a mask at the grocery store?
protested at your state's capitol?
watched the news for latest updates on the pandemic?
wondered how a friend was doing?
called your mom?
watched someone share their experience with the virus on youtube?
taken a selfie with a mask on?
tried to get in better shape?
mostly stayed inside?
used a computer?
taken your temperature?
wondered if you had the virus?
felt like you were fighting a virus?
watched music videos?
played a game on your phone?
scrolled through Instagram?
cooked more than you normally do?
wished you could go out to eat?
had an event canceled?
had to cancel an event?
suffered from loneliness/isolation?
had to go to the hospital?
More questions
What restaurant do you miss eating at the most?
What store do you want to shop at once it reopens?
Have you seen a lot of police cars in your area lately?
How long do you think this pandemic is going to last?
Are you upset about being quarantined?
Name three people you know who have been affected by this, and how.
Are you getting restless from being quarantined?
How has your life changed since before the pandemic?
Are you lonely?
Do you miss someone right now?
Would you feel relieved if certain people died from this?
Are you practiciing social distancing?
What are you looking forward to doing when this is all over with?
How do you think the virus started?
Are you immuno-compromised?
Did you get a stimulus check from the government?
How are you feeling today?