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Author: pinkchocolate
Created: May 8, 2020
Taken: 48 times
Rated: PG

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Finally found somebody that could be the one, but I promised myself I wouldn't give in to love.

Created by pinkchocolate and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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Have you met somebody that you want to spend the rest of your life with?
Who was your closest friend when you were 7 years old?
I see... Do you still speak to that person?
Who was the last male you talked to? Does he have facial hair?
How many times does the letter 'R' occur in your full name?
Is there anyone you love, whose name starts with 'S'?
What colour is your TV remote?
When was the last time you went to a wedding? Who got married?
Name a band you like, that starts with the 2nd letter of your name.
Have you ever dressed up as a Disney character? Which one?
Have you ever played chess? If so, are you good at it?
If I wanted to buy you a chocolate bar, what kind should I NOT get?
Of all your close friends, who have you known the longest?
Do you own anything that has an image of a butterfly on it?
Has anyone told you recently that they miss you?
What was the last song you heard, that made you feel emotional?
What colour are the socks you're currently wearing?
How many friends do you have whose name starts with the letter 'R'?
How many vowels are there in your first name?
When was the last time you took a selfie?
Name someone you know who has curly hair.
Have you ever worn orange eye-shadow?
Name a song that reminds you of someone close to you.
Has anyone ever walked out of your life with no explanation?
Do you know anyone else with the same first name as you?
Think back to 10 years ago. What TV show(s) were you into?
When was the last time you used a compact mirror?
Do you have a favourite T-shirt? What colour is it?
As a child, did you ever have any scented gel pens or markers?
Name an alcoholic beverage that you dislike.
Do you own anything that previously belonged to someone else?
Who is the 8th contact in your phone? How did you meet them?
Is there anyone who sends you messages to say good morning/night?
Can you recall the last time you were on a dancefloor?
Have you ever let someone go, and then regretted it?
Do you own any colour changing mood jewellery?
That's all I can think of for now. Hope you enjoyed my random survey. Bye :