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Author: joybucket
Created: February 14, 2020
Taken: 5 times
Rated: G

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Survey for Youtubers!

Created by joybucket and taken 5 times on Bzoink
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How many youtube channels do you have?
What is your channel name?
How many subscribers do you have?
What year did you start your first youtube channel?
Is your first video cringey, or do you like it?
What editing software do you use?
Do you use endslates at the end of your video?
What types of videos do you post on your channel?
What has been your most successful video so far?
What's the highest number of views you've had on a single video?
Do you make holiday-themed videos?
Do you tell people to "like" and "subscribe" at the end of each video?
Where do you find your back-up music?
Why did you start youtube?
What are some of your favorite channels to watch? List 10.
How often do you upload?
Have you gotten any hate comments?
What do you do when you get a hate comment?
What camera do you use to film with?
Is your family supportive of your youtube channel?
Do your friends (in real life) know that you have a youtube channel?
What are your goals for your channel this year?
Have you ever made money off of youtube?
Are you monetized?
If not, do you want to be monetized someday?
Where do you live?
Who are some of your favorite editing youtubers?
What is your Instagram username?
Have you ever done a giveaway on your channel?
Would you ever consider doing a giveaway?
Which youtubers would you most like to collab wth? List 3.
Have you ever been to VidCon?
Which do you get more: likes or dislikes?
Which do you get more: positive comments or negative comments?
Have you ever blocked anyone on youtube?
Do you wish you could block people on youtube?
How do you feel about sub4sub?
What do you use do design your thumbnails?
Do you have PhotoShop?
Have you ever stayed up late editing a video?
Do you have a filming/uploading schedule that you stick to?
Do you enjoy watching vlogs?
Do you feel awkward talking to the camera?
What is the funniest video you have ever watched?
Which youtuber would you like to trade rooms with?
Have you ever tried a life hack you saw on youtube?
Have you ever....
made a DIY room decor video?
made a Q&A video?
made an intro?
told people to subscribe?
used a pink subscribe button overlay?
wished you were a famous youtuber?
wanted to do youtube as full-time job?
wanted to meet your favorite youtuber?
unsubscribed from a channel?
created playlists?
kept a video private?
deleted a video because you were embarrassed by it?
been made fun of for being a youtuber?
collabed with someone?
filmed a prank video?
wished you had better filming equipment?
wished you had better editing software?
thought someone's background music was terrible?
been inspired by another youtuber?
felt like you were friends with your favorite youtuber?
enjoyed watching tag videos?
made a tag video?
thought someone had a dreadful accent?
made a channel banner?
designed your own graphics for your videos?
asked someone else for video ideas, because you were out of them?
made a storytime video?
had someone copy/re-upload your content without permission?
used a copyrighted song?
got a copyright claim?
got a copyright strike?
made a "current playlist" video?
thought a youtuber had a horrible sense of style?
filmed a video with a family member?
dressed up in costume for a video?
performed a song cover?
made a "life update" video?
cried in a video?
forgot to film an outro and had to film it the next day?
lost footage and had to start over again?
mentioned your religious/spiritual views in a video?
talked about a health issue you have in a video?
filmed in high school?
filmed in college?
taken a break from youtube for awhile?
designed and sold merch?
purchased another youtuber's merch?
thought some major youtubers were annoying?
filmed a room tour video?
thought about what you would put on a t-shirt if you had merch?
changed your channel name?
made a poll in a video?
used SpongeBob timecards?
been hungover in a video?
had a messy room in the background in a video that you posted?
fallen asleep while editing a video?
filmed when you were having a bad hair day?
filmed when you were sick?
made a seasonal video?
tested a product in a video?
done a "make-up routine" video?
played truth or dare in a video?
made a "video ideas' video?
wished you were a big youtuber?
wondered how long it would take you to get 1,000 subscribers?
had your channel marked as "for kids" even though it wasn't?
made a video specifically meant for kids?
swore in a video?
filmed a haul video?
filmed an "outfit ideas" video?
posted a video longer than 15 minutes?
watched a video on your phone?
found out a youtuber was younger than you thought they were?
...older than you thought they were?
.....taller than you thought they were?
....shorter than you thought they were?
Vote! (List up to 3 for each category!)
Best hair?
Best room?
Best channel name?
Best fashion sense?
Worst fashion sense?
Best vlog channel?
Best prank channel?
Best DIY channel?
Best fashion or beauty channel?
Best lifestyle channel?
Best theme song?
Best intro?
Best personality?
Best looking?
Best TV show to watch on youtube?
Best reaction video channels?
Most creative?
Most colorful?
Most trendy?
Which of these channels are you subscribed to?
Chronically Jaquie
Gillian Bower
Niki and Gabi
Stephanie Carina
Emily's Adventures (my channel--msg me for the link!)
Emily's Adventurous Edits (my other channel--msg me for the link!)
Serena Raquel
Brogan Algar
Vanessa Palomino
Logan Paul
Family Fizz
The Ohana Adventure
Bethany Mota
Brent Rivera
Alisha Marie
Sierra Schultzzie
Lisa Foiles
Styling Profile
Erica Cecilia
Aspyn Ovard
Aspyn and Parker
Kenna Marie
Taylor Layman
Brooklyn and Bailey
Kamri Noel
Sydney Serena
editing by matthieu
Mia's Life
Felly--Still Braxton's Mama
Tanner and Rachel
The LaBrant Fam
Colleen Ballinger
Hermoine Chantel
Buzzfeed Video
Meredth Foster
Elise Ecklund
Kyler and Mad
Reyna and Jhiam
Gabriella Marie
Lauren Rebecca
Sofie Dossi