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Author: joybucket
Created: February 11, 2020
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Fun true or false!

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Mosquitoes find you particularly delicious.
You cheated on Heads Up 7 Up in elementary school.
You had a favorite Spice Girl.
You remember watching the first episode of SpongeBob when it came out.
You like to draw.
You wish you had a car.
You used to want to be a model.
You wanted to be on the show All That.
You enjoy public speaking.
You have witnessed something supernatural.
You believe in the supernatural.
You aren't heterosexual.
You think the whole transgender thing is stupid.
You own a dreamcatcher.
You'd want a boho wedding.
You think pink is the best color for cars.
You've been called a free spirit.
You're the same height as your mom.
You grew up watching Nickelodean.
You have a sibling who looks like you.
You like to write in a journal.
You're tired.
You felt sick today.
You're very creative.
You can be disorganized.
You have a fever right now.
You've enjoyed babysitting.
You want to go to New York City to visit.
You've never been to Paris.
You love tea.
You don't play an instrument.
You used to want Taylor Swift's hair.
You enjoyed High School Musical.
You watched The Rugrats Movie in the theater.
You've performed on stage in a musical.
You've had the lead role in a musical.
You've had cramps so bad you threw up.
You've never had Nutella.
You have a favorite blanket.
You own family heirlooms.
You have carved and painted pumpkins before.
You have colored Easter eggs.
You've walked through a haunted house.
You've dressed up on Halloween.
You've tried to kill yourself.
You've had a false rumor spread about you.
You've been kicked out of a store (whether for a good or bad reason.)
You have a favorite stove burner that you always use.
You enjoy eating at fast food restaurants.
You like arrows and feathers and peace signs.
You want to wear a flower crown for your wedding.
You have signed someone else's yearbook.
You were shy in high school.
You're shy when first getting to know someone.
You've gotten all A's in a class before.
You had a favorite class and a favorite teacher in high school.
You were a teacher's favorite.
You've won a costume contest.
You have a favorite Disney princess.
You get carsick.
You've flown first class.
You hate inequality and wish life were more fair.
You've had a bad neighbor.
You've done a cannonball.
You have fallen and hit your head.
You like sunflowers.
You like the name Skylar.
You've had a friend named Sarah.
You have an Aunt Robin.
You have an Uncle Rick.
You have a cousin Annabelle.
You think flying a kite is boring.
You were born in the year of the Dragon.
You like your Chinese zodiac sign better than your American one.
Your laptop has shut off because it got too hot.
You've accidentally caught something on fire.
You make your bed every day.
You wear a digital watch.
You have a favorite park.
You've hiked a mountain.
You want to hike a mountain again.
You've been a slave.
You feel like you've had your free will stolen from you.
You've been held hostage.
You speak in tongues.
You enjoy medieval festivals.
Your favorite fair ride is the pirate ship.
Cotton candy isn't that good.
Men look good in pink.
You own a designer purse.
You went to youth group.
You were baptized in a lake.
You were on Color Guard.
You went to your senior prom.
Your first kiss was just an experiment.
You dated a guy you didn't like.
You have fallen asleep in class.
You have won an award.
You type fast.
You have a lot of dreams for your future.
You've gone camping in the woods.
You love to sleep under the stars.
You've gone camping in the fall.
You own a pair of slipper socks.