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Author: joybucket
Created: January 25, 2020
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

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valentine this or that

Created by joybucket and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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Chocolate with marshmallow filling or with cherry filling?
Caramel filling or strawberry filling?
Coconut filling or toffee filling?
Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
Rainbow rose or black rose?
Red rose or blue rose?
Pink rose or purple rose?
Movie date or dinner date?
Conversation hearts or hershey's kisses?
Rose petals or fairy lights?
Are you single or taken?
Red pants or pink pants?
Chinese restaurant or Mexican restaurant?
Love song or love poem?
"Be Mine" or "Be You"?
Box of chocolates or bouquet of roses?
Strawberry milkshake or chocolate milkshake?
Tiara or stilettos?
Diamonds or rubies?
Locket or charm bracelet?
Secret admirer or secret crush?
Love at first sight or fall in love over time?
Kiss on the first date or no kiss on the first date?
Hugs or holding hands?
Hugs or kisses?
Passion or romance?
Spontaneity or romance?
Passion or patience?
Transparency or humor?
Outgoing or reserved?
Blue eyes or brown eyes?
Dark hair or light hair?
Celebrity crush or real-life crush?
Meet your celebrity crush or get asked out by your real-life crush?
Never marry or never get your dream job?
Love or money?
Outdoor or indoor wedding?
Boho or traditional wedding?
Vintage or country wedding?
Little black dress or elegant red dress?
Stupid Cupid or Smart Heart?
Smarties or Sweet Tarts?
Smarties or conversation hearts?
Doilies or garland?
Sugar cookies or chocolate brownies?
Camila Cabello or Shawn Mendes?
Write a love letter or be sent a love letter?
Romance novel or novel with romance mixed in?
Pink feather boa or red jeweled tiara?
Pink flamingo or red giraffe?
Heart-eyes emoji or kissing emoji?
Red dancing girl emoji or pink heart emoji?
"Luv" or "love"?
"ily" or "I love you"?
"I love u" or "ily"?
Carly Rae Jepsen or Camila Cabello?
Meghan Trainor or Katy Perry?
Pink Panther or Minnie Mouse?
Care Bear or Ladybug?
Slug bug or red corvette?
Baby Spice or Betty Boop?
Britney Spears or Dream?
Christina Aguilara or Play?
Christine Grimmie or Taylor Swift?
Country Taylor Swift or Pop Taylor Swift?
Polaroid or original drawing?
Photo booth or ferris wheel?
Happy Valentine's Day!