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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: November 29, 2019
Taken: 11 times
Rated: PG

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Animals and Nature, Life and Planet Earth..

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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Let's start of with some basic questions..
Do you admire nature?
What is your favourite thing about earth?
What is your favourite part of the world?
Do you like to travel?
What Country are you from?
Do you wish you could pack your bags and move somewhere new?
If you were given 500K for charity, who would you donate to?
What is your favourite animal?
Do you have a garden at home?
Do you grow your own vegetables or fruit trees?
What is your favourite vegetable?
What is your favourite fruit?
Do you grow flowers at home?
Do you have a herb garden?
and some more questions, all randomly typed..
Have you heard of David Attenborough?
What are your thought on him?
Do you like to watch documentaries?
What is your favourite documentary?
Do you watch Animal Planet?
What are your thoughts on Zoos and Zoological Parks?
Thoughts on Seaworld?
Thoughts on Wildlife Parks?
Thoughts on Nature Parks?
Do you donate to a charity?
If yes, What kind?
Have you planted a tree before?
Have you been to the outback?
Have you had an adventure in the mountains?
Do you like road trips?
Where is somewhere you have been on a road trip?
Where is somewhere you would like to road trip to?
Who would you want to go with?
Have you studied anything to do with animals or nature?
Do you have a degree in anything to do with animals or nature?
Planet Earth, what are you doing to help Earth?
Do you recycle?
Do you compost?
Are you a vegan?
Are you a vegetarian?
Do you like to exercise?
Do you work out?
Do you have a gym membership?
Do you lift weights?
Do you have a workout / gym buddy?
Do you like the rain?
What season is your favourite?
One thing you like about Summer?
One thing you dislike about Summer?
One thing you like about Autumn (Fall)?
One thing you dislike about Autumn (Fall)?
One thing you like about Winter?
One thing you dislike about Winter?
One thing you like about Spring?
One thing you dislike about Spring?
Favourite Summer beverage?
Favourite Winter beverage?
Some questions about Animals...
Favourite Animal?
Favourite Domestic Animal?
Have you ever had an interaction with an exotic animal?
Do you have pets?
If yes, what kind?
If you could own a tame Lion, would you want to?
Have you been on a Safari?
Have you swam with a Seal before?
Have you swam with a Dolphin before?
Have you been Crocodile Cage Diving?
Have you been Shark Cage Diving?
Have you ever been attacked by an animal, if yes, what kind?
A rescue animal is the best kind, agree?
Do you leave water out for wildlife at your home?
Do you own a bird?
Do you own a cat?
Do you own a dog?
What type of pet would you like to own?
Nature and Travel...
Have you ever been to a forest?
Have you ever been to a rainforest?
Have you been on a cruise ship?
Have you been on a plane?
Have you traveled on a bus?
Have you traveled by train?
You have unlimited cash, where do you adventure to?
Would you ever visit Japan?
Would you ever visit Australia?
Would you ever visit India?
Would you ever visit Paris?
Name 3 landmarks you would love to visit from around the world
Do you consider yourself an explorer?
Do you find travel interesting?
Have you caught the travel bug?
Thoughts on Waterfalls?
Do you like to go hiking?
National Parks are beautiful don't you think?
Have you ever been to the grand canyon?
What about Niagara Falls?
What about Uluru?
Have you been on a private Jet?
What about a helicopter?
Best part about Travel?
Best part about Nature?
Finish this sentence...
I love Nature and Planet Earth because...
Only a few more to go.
What is your name?
How old are you?
3 things you are passionate about?
Did you grow up loving nature and animals?
What inspires you?
Do you watch the History Channel?
What about National Geographic?
If you could stop one thing negative in the world, What would it be?
Have you ever owned pet fish?
Hope you have enjoyed this questions
Please save your answers, I would love to see them.