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Author: joybucket
Created: October 7, 2019
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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I just wanna waste my time/ I just wanna waste your time/ We can do anything you like

Created by joybucket and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite thing to do on your phone?
Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween this year? If so, what?
Do you still go trick-or-treating, and if so, how old are you?
Which Disney princess resembles you the most?
Which fairytale seems closest to your life story?
What color was your first phone?
Was your first phone a flip phone?
Have you ever butt dialed someone?
What is your favorite pizza parlor?
What is an old website that closed down that you miss?
If you're a girl, have you ever had an embarrassing period story?
...If so, what happened?
What was your worst experience in high school?
What was your high school's mascot?
How much did your senior prom dress cost you?
Do you listen to Grace VanderWaal?
...if yes, what's your favorite song of hers?
Do you watch America's Got Talent?
Which country has the best accent?
Which country's flag do you like the best?
Did you cry at your high school graduation?
Did you cry at your college graduation (if applicable)?
Do your parents try to stop you from chasing your dreams?
What dreams have stuck with you since childhood?
Who is a former friend that you wish would come back into your life?
Have you ever been in a serious romantic relationship?
Who was your favorite Spice Girl?
Did you ever want to be in a band or music group?
What instrument did you play in the marching band?
If you could take any one type of dance class right now, what kind u take?
Who got kicked off of your favorite talent show that you were mad about?
Do you own the entire series on DVD of any TV show? If so, what?
What show did you always want to be on when you were a kid?
Can you tell the difference between Mary-Kate and Ashley?
Who is your favorite set of twins?
What is the stupidest baby name you have heard recently?
What is the grossest thing you have ever vomited up?
Have you ever thrown up in public, in front of someone else?
...If yes, was it embarrassing?
Did you ever take your dog to school?
Name one person you know who had a baby in high school.
If you had had a baby in high school, what would you have named him or her?
If you had a baby now, what would you name him or her?
Do you make lists of names that you like?
Do you keep a list of your favorite quotes?
Describe your dream wedding in three words.
What is your favorite Chinese restaurant?
Does Chinese food make you feel sick?
Have you ever seen someone throw up on a plane?
Do you get motion sickness?
Has God ever healed you of anything? If so, what?
Do you believe in God?
Do you pray, and if so, to whom?
What is the most boring church you have ever attended?
What is the most lively church you have ever attended?
Do you find church fun or boring?
When was the last time you went to a church service?
When did you learn to ride a bike?
What do you hate the most about summer?
What is your favorite thing to do in a swimming pool?
Which part of your body is the most muscular?
Do you like sugar skulls?
Have you ever painted a sugar skull on your face ?
Are you an artist?
Did you ever take Latin in school?
What was the last race you ran called?
Do you prefer to run in the street or on the sidewalk?
Which major holiday is closest to your birthday?
Does your zodiac sign fit your personality at all?
What is your zodiac sign?
Personality-wise, what do you think your zodiac sign is?
What is your Chinese zodiac sign?
Do you find kite flying boring?
Have you ever released a paper lantern?
Have you ever walked at Relay for Life?
What is your favorite musical?
What is your favorite musical you have been in?
Have you ever seen a Broadway show?
What is your favorite big city you have visited?
What big city do you want to visit?
Would you rather visit London or Paris?
Do you have any interest in visiting Japan?
What is your favorite Japanese name?
Do you ever listen to Jpop?
Who do you go to for advice?
Do you have anyone you can look up to?
Who was your favorite camp counselor?
What is the best summer camp you have ever been to?
Do you like camping?
Would you rather sleep in a tent or under the stars?
Is your bed next to a window?
How many windows are in your bedroom?
What was the name of the first dormitory you lived in?
Who was your first Resident Director in your dorm?
What was your college's mascot?
If you went to college, did you like the food in the DC (Dining Commons)?
What was your favorite food served in the dining commons?
Have you ever ran a cash register?
Have you ever worked as a server?
What is your favorite book?
Did you collect Bratz dolls when you were younger?
Who was your favorite Bratz doll?
Have you ever done the Bratz challenge on youtube?
What is a common assumption people make about you?
...and is it true?
Have you ever been accused of being gay?
Do you think your mom is attractive?
What is one thing you can't find right now?
What was the last thing that disappointed you?
Does anyone appreciate your talents and gifts?
Do you ever write letters and send them through the mail?
Would you prefer to read a book or listen to an audiobook?
Do you like the feeling in your stomach on a big drop on a roller coaster?
What is your favorite roller coaster?
Have you ever won a stuffed animal at the age guessing booth?
What is your most severe allergy?
Have you ever had an allergy test at the doctor's?
Have you ever been to see an allergist?
What was the name of your first imaginary friend?
What is your favorite board game?
What is the best retreat you have ever been on?
How and when were you baptized, if applicable?
Have you been baptized more than once?
Would you rather paint or carve a pumpkin?
Have you decorate for fall yet this year?
Skeletons or scarecrows?
Chocolate or coffee?
Have you ever had pumpkin spice ice cream?
What is the best fall drink?
What is your favorite drink to order at a coffee shop in the fall?
Do you own pumpkin earrings?
Have you ever walked through a haunted house?
Have you ever asked someone to be your valentine?
What was your favorite video game to play with your brother?
What computer game did you used to play all the time?
Do you like the name Ellery?
What does your name rhyme with?
Do you find cemeteries pretty?
Does your phone screen freeze a lot?