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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: October 3, 2019
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Youtuber Have You Ever!

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
received a hate comment?
had a big youtuber subscribe to your channel?
felt proud of a video you created?
spent a lot of time on a video?
spent the whole day editing a video?
deleted a comment on your video that was mean?
participated in Vlogmas?
participated in Vlogtober?
took a long break from youtube?
lost subscribers?
received a *heart* from a major youtuber?
been monetized?
had a copyright strike?
used copyrighted music?
been unable to upload because your computer crashed/broke?
been unable to film or upload because you were sick?
done a tag video?
recorded a song cover?
sang an original song (in a video)?
done a fashion video?
filmed a make-up routine video?
filmed a scene over and over again until you got it right?
used background music in a video?
made an intro?
made a channel trailer?
told your viewers to subscribe?
joined a group on facebook for small youtubers?
reached 100 subscribers?
made a second account and then subscribed to your first account?
given a comment on your video the *heart*?
made money off a video?
used patreon?
sold your own merch?
bought another youtuber's merch?
done a Q&A video?
hated the way your voice sounded in a video?
couldn't film a video because you lost your voice?
filmed while you were sick?
filmed in your pajamas?
filmed yourself while eating?
filmed at the store?
filmed a doctor's appointment?
got told you couldn't film in a store?
got kicked out of a store for filming?
upgrade to a bigger and better camera?
cleaned your room just for a video?
cleaned one section of your room just for a video?
accidentally deleted a clip and had to re-film it?
lost footage due to a computer or camera error?
cried in a video?
had a paid sponsorship?
opened a package in a video?
had a PO Box so fans could send you mail?
given a shout-out?
done a collab with someone?
debated deleting your channel?
used iMovie?
bought subscribers?
blurred someone's face out?
Have you filmed these videos?
a tag video
a song cover
Random Facts About Me!
morning routine
night routine
a day in my life!
Bratz challenge
Zodiac challenge
a dance
an original song
Truth or Dare!
a tutorial
outfit ideas
What I got for Christmas!
My Christmas Wish List!
DIY Room Decor!
room tour!
intro template
channel trailer
a 24 hour challenge
a cooking video
birth vlog
Finding out I'm pregnant!
pregnancy announcement
a prank video
Who knows me best?
Extreme truth or dare in public!
Get ready with me
More have you ever!
wished you could collab with a big youtuber
wished you could film a video with a friend
filmed a video with a friend
filmed a video with a sibling
had your parents star in a video
uploaded a video and then deleted it later
shared your video on a social media site
advertised your channel on instagram
...or facebook
...or pinterest
posted a rant video
made a promise in a video that you didn't follow through with
apologized for not posting more
thought you looked ugly on camera
wished you had better lighting
wished you had a better quality camera
wished you had a faster computer so you could edit quicker
created a thumbnail using Canva
..or Photoshop
...or some other site
made a typo or a grammar/spelling error in a video
been guilty of talking too much in a video
uploaded a video that was longer than 15 minutes
thought you looked pretty in a video
filmed without make-up on
put on make-up just for a video
filmed during the middle of the night
accidentally forgot to turn the camera off
accidentally forgot to push record
had your camera battery die when filming
done something embarrassing on camera
...that you put in the video
...OR....that you edited out of the video!
given someone a shout-out
been given a shout-out in someone else's video!
followed your favorite youtubers on Instagram
made a facebook account for your channel
made a photo collage for a thumbnail
downloaded royalty free music to use in your video
filmed at school
filmed at work
filmed in church
filmed in public and felt awkward
filmed in public and had someone interrupt you and start talking
had someone ask to be in your video
been asked if you have a youtube channel
binge-watched all of your past videos
watched others' videos for inspiration
done something in a video you later felt bad about
filmed with a significant other
set goals for yourself for your channel
wanted to be a famous youtuber
been jealous of another youtuber
used a video idea you got from another youtuber
made your life seem more glamorous than it is on camera
been fake on camera
left out details of your life
made a fool of yourself on camera
filmed on your birthday
created your own endslate
wished you had started your channel sooner
wished youtube had been around when you were in high school
wished your family was supportive of your youtube channel
kept your channel a secret from family and friends
changed your mind about what kind of content you wanted to post
had old videos you never got around to uploading
wished you had good hair days more often, for filming
felt embarrassed or too shy to film in public
stayed up late filming or editing