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Author: joybucket
Created: July 28, 2019
Taken: 26 times
Rated: G

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I want more. There's gotta be something more than this.

Created by joybucket and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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What is the most physically painful thing you have ever experienced?
What is the worst thing that's ever happened to you?
What is the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen?
How old were you the first time you encountered God?
Do you believe in miracles?
What is your favorite color?
List three attributes you inherited from your mom.
Have you ever given your life to Christ?
What is the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Have you ever given birth to a child?
What are your dreams?
Are you living your dream?
What are three things you have been a victim of?
What is your passion?
When was the last time you truly felt alive?
How many siblings do you have?
Are you married?
Are you dating someone?
If not, do you wish you were dating someone?
What do you want the theme of your wedding to be?
Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?
What do you want to name your kids if you have a girl and a boy?
Do you like to read?
What are your top three favorite books?
What are three of your favorite scents?
Is your birthday in your favorite season?
What kind of car do you drive?
If you don't drive, do you want to a car?
Where do you live (state or country)?
What states (or countries) have you lived in?
What is your name (first and middle)?
Does your first crush know you liked them?
What is your favorite type of seafood?
Do you wish on stars?
Have you ever wished on the moon?
What color was your first phone?
When is your birthday?
What is your favorite season?
Who was your first roommate?
Are you happier now than you were 10 years ago?
Are you happier now than you were 5 years ago?
^If not, why not?
^If yes, why?
Do you live in your dream house?
What hurts your heart?
What are three of your favorite colors to wear?
What color are your eyes?
What are your top three favorite colors?
Who was the last person who said something that warmed your heart?
Who was the last person who hurt you?
What are you allergic to?
Do you have neat handwriting?
What is the name of your youtube channel, if you have one?
What are three things you hope will be different about your life in 5 years
Do you want kids?
What is your dream job?
Are you working your dream job now?
What was your first job?
^Did you like it?
What other jobs have you had?
What is something people may not know about you?
Have you been bullied?
Do you get bullied a lot?
What would you say to someone who is being bullied?
What is your favorite magazine?
What is your favorite season?
Do you feel like you are making the most of this season?
What season are you in now?
Do you take selfies?
What kind of phone do you have?
Do you like your computer?
What is your favorite dog breed?
Do people respect you?
What do you wish people knew about you?
What health issues do you have?
What is one thing you hate?
What is one thing you miss?
Who is one person you miss (or two or three)?
Who do you wish you could just start over with?
Who is pregnant right now?
Who do you wish you could spend more time with?
Who do you wish you could talk to right now?
Share something deep and personal--a secret or a wish.
What does your heart long for?
Do you still cross paths with your first crush ever?
What is your favorite Bible verse, and why?
What has God been teaching you lately?
Do you beat yourself up a lot?
Do you call yourself stupid?
Do you have a secret nobody knows?
What do you miss from your past?
Who are some of the most selfish people you have ever met?
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?
Is there anyone you want back in your life?
What color was the house you grew up in?
What was your favorite class in high school?
Where did you go to college?
What was your major?
What was your minor?
What do your parents do for a living?
What was the name of the first pet that you loved?
Are you double-jointed?
What's one secret talent that you have?
What's the best compliment you've ever received?
Do you receive more insults or compliments?
Do you feel like social media enhances your life or takes away from it?
Do you meditate?
Do you meditate on Scripture?
Do you pray?
Does God speak to you?
Have you ever seen a spirit/ghost/shadowy figure, etc.?
Have you ever hallucinated?
How much do you weigh?
How tall are you?
Are you happy with your weight right now?
Who are your celebrity look alikes?
If you had a twin, what would he or she be named?
Do you pray regularly?
What color is your keyboard?
Do you use your phone for an alarm?
What was your favorite childhood family vacation?
What states have you been to (that you remember)?
What countries have you been to (that you remember)?
What are some places you would like to visit?
Do you like to make lists?
What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
Do you have any weird habits?
Are you a daydreamer?
What is your personality type?
Would you rather be able to fly or swim underwater?
What superpower do you want the most?
What would you ask a genie for, if you had three wishes?
What is your favorite quote?
Do you call yourself stupid often?
Do you think it's ok to call yourself stupid?
Have you ever thought someone was ugly, but never said it?
Do you like your natural hair color?
What is your natural hair color?
What is your favorite Disney princess?
Do you have a best friend you can tell your secrets to?
Does your life seem magical?
Have you ever:
been kidnapped
been raped
been sexually harassed
been harassed another way
been abused
been bullied
been threatened or felt threatened
tried to commit suicide
contemplated suicide
been suicidal
wrote a suicide note
starved yourself
binged and purged
binge-ate when upset
cried yourself to sleep
tie-dyed a pair of shorts
been to Paris
met someone famous
wanted to be famous
been jealous of someone
had a major youtuber subscribe to your channel
been asked out by your crush
given your life to Christ
been baptized
praised the Lord
had a supernatural experience
witnessed a miracle
received supernatural healing
done something stupid
called yourself stupid
asked yourself, "Why am I so stupid?"
donated blood
given birth
adopted a child
gotten married
got engaged
graduated high school
graduated college
lived your dream
moved out on your own
lived in a dorm
drank bubble tea
seen the grand canyon
been to New York City
been to Chicago
been to Seattle
been to London
spoke a foreign language fluently
landed your dream job
bought a house
lived in your dream house
had a professional photo shoot done
modeled for an Instagram photo shoot
wrote in calligraphy
finished a scrapbook
signed someone's yearbook
got a tattoo
dyed your hair a wild color
ran a 5k
hiked a mountain
met the president
voted in a presidential election
had your own room
ate at a Chinese restaurant
had an outdoor birthday party
rode in an ambulence
stayed overnight in a hospital
been kidnapped
been held hostage
read the entire Bible
survived the Y2K
ridden the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world
broken a bone
kept a diary
questioned your sexuality
been to prom
asked someone out
ruined a perfect moment
owned a Polaroid camera
stayed up all night
rode your bike to school
done something you regret
regretted not doing something
felt shy around your crush
participated in a Color Run
been homeless
had food restrictions
had a virus on your computer
been filled with the Holy Spirit
been kicked out of your house
been disowned by your parents
ate pineapple
tried sushi
baked a coffee cake
tried surfing
tried skiing
tried snowboarding
practiced witchcraft
smoked a cigeratte
smoked weed
done hard drugs
been high
been drunk
won a stuffed animal at an amusement park
performed on stage
had stage fright
tap danced
had a trampoline
ridden an elephant
ridden a horse
hiked a desert
seen the great pyramids
used chopsticks
loved your life