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Author: joojie313
Created: July 17, 2019
Taken: 51 times
Rated: PG

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Follow me; don’t be afraid - I will lead you to a better place

Created by joojie313 and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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What is the speed limit on your street?
A word that describes you, starting with the last letter of your last name?
What is the age diff between the last two people you kissed romantically?
What day of the week does your garbage get collected?
How many hours have you worked this month?
How many schools have you attended?
What has brightened your day today?
Run your fingers through your hair and measure a stray you retrieve.
How long is it?
How did you or whoever come up with the name(s) for your pet(s)
What are you listening to?
When is the last time you clipped your nails?
Plucked your eyebrows?
Washed your hair?
Whose birthday is coming up next, that you know in your head?
When is the last time you danced? Alone or with another?
Who is your most annoying colleague?
What is your weight?
What is your height?
What country were you born in?
Which countries have you been to?
Last green food you ate?
Red food?
Yellow food?
What is the name of the strain of weed you currently have?
Does the city you live in have Skip the Dishes, Über Eats, etc.?
Last article of clothing you purchased?
Last electronic you purchased?
Last thing you bought for someone else?
Last thing someone gifted to you?
Colour of the last pen you used?
Last marker?
Do you use bug spray?
What is your blood type?
From where did you last bleed?
Who did you last walk a dog with?
Ride bikes with?
Hold hands with?
For what reason did you last high five someone?