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Author: shouku
Created: July 17, 2019
Taken: 5 times
Rated: PG

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how would you parent?

Created by shouku and taken 5 times on Bzoink
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if u can pls add reasons for your answers
homeschool or send to school?
what grades do you expect?
how should their homework be delt with?
what age should they get a cell phone?
what time would a 5-8 year old go to bed?
how about a 8-12?
and lastly a 12-18?
what time would curfew be?
how many chores?
any pocket money, if so how much?
how many kids?
whats for dinner most nights?
takeaway night, yes or no?
strict, laid back or in the middle?
now for some scenario's
your 2 year old swears, you...
your 4 year old child throws a tantrum, you...
your 7 year old child hits his younger sister, you...
the teacher calls to report your daughters bad behavior in class, you...
your 10 year tells a small lie, you...
you catch your 12 year old son stealing from your wallet, you...
your 14 year old breaks curfew by an hour, you...
your 15 year old skips school, you...
your 16 year old comes out as gay, you...
your 16 year old starts hanging out with some dodgy kids, you...
you find out your 17 year old drunk and smoked, you...
the end
thank you for taking