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Author: vyvyan86
Created: July 10, 2019
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

I've got Pac-Man fever, (Pac-Man fever) I'm going out of my mind (Going out of my mind)

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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What movie do you consider 'perfect'?
Whats a good example of 'Don't knock it till you try it'?
What is something that seems harmless but is actually dangerous?
What is something so small, yet so infuriating?
What’s a question you hate to answer?
What do you hate having to buy?
What’s the least fun you’ve had while naked?
What little victory did you get today?
What is the best thing to do alone?
What is your favorite compliment to receive, big or small?
What something that genuinely makes you feel scared?
What is your golden rule?
What's the craziest thing you've done for love?
What's a double standard you hate with passion?
What made a friend no longer a friend?
What is surprisingly painful?
What is a weird feeling that you actually quite enjoy?
What's your go to get pumped up song?
You have 5 seconds to ruin a marriage, what do you do?
What's the best thing to do when you're bored?
What's the dumbest thing your parents have said or done?
What situations do you imagine yourself in, that'll probably never happen?
Which fictional couple have the best relationship?
What is a nice way to say something mean?
What are some things you wish existed?
What do you do on your day off?
Which person shaped you the most?
What’s the one movie you couldn’t finish? Why?
What's a small thing you have a big passion for?
What change have you made recently to help the environment?