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Author: joybucket
Created: June 30, 2019
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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a bright brand new day!

Created by joybucket and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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Was your life better or worse or the same five years ago?
Would you rather visit NYC, LA, or Chicago?
Have you ever been to Chicago?
Would you ever want to live in a big city?
Does your first crush know they were your first crush?
What color is your favorite laundry basket?
How old were you when you got your first smartphone?
What is your favorite app on your phone?
What is the background on your phone?
What is your favorite thing to do in the swimming pool?
Do you have a swimming pool?
What is the biggest city you've lived in (if you want to answer)?
Do you own an American flag shirt?
Which country (or countries) has the best flag, in your opinion?
Did you get your personality from your mom or your dad, or neither?
Will you be eating bbq chicken this July 4th?
Would you rather wear red, white, or blue?
Have you ever lit fireworks in your backyard?
Have you made many stupid decisions/mistakes?
What does your middle name rhyme with?
If you had one boy and one girl, what would you name them?
Are there any redheads in your family?
Who do you know who is allergic to nuts?
What is your favorite type of tree?
Are you superstitious?
Would you ever consider getting dreadlocks?
When was the last time you drank tea?
Have you downloaded extra fonts for your computer?
Do you have photoshop?
What type of phone do you have?
What is one interesting fact about you?
What color are your walls?
Who taught you how to drive a car?
What is your favorite candy bar?
At what time of day do you feel the best?
Are there a lot of mosquitoes where you live?
What does your swimsuit look like?
What clothing store do you shop at the most?
Who is the latest great youtuber you've discovered?
Do you read the Bible regularly?
What color is your dresser?
Do you own any antique furniture?
Would you ever want to live in a castle?
What is your favorite cold drink from Starbucks?
Do you consider yourself "trendy"?
Name three patriotic songs you like.
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Do you like your hair better long or short?
Do you like your hair better curly or straight?
Which major holiday is closest to your birthday?
Have you ever had an outdoor birthday party?
Has it ever snowed on your birthday?
Do you like the way your name is spelled?
Are you close with any of your cousins?
Who is your favorite cousin?
Do you really think that light blonde is the best hair color?
Do you think that blue eyes are the prettiest?