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Author: vyvyan86
Created: June 29, 2019
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

'Cause I've got Pac-Man fever, (Pac-Man fever), it's drivin' me crazy, (drivin' me crazy)

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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If someone's laughing, do you instantly think they're laughing at you?
What is the strangest thing you've been asked?
What’s the weirdest thing about life that people just accept as normal?
What was your favorite game as a child?
What’s the stupidest thing you've ever heard?
What's the most random thing you've done out of boredom?
What show did your parents not let you watch as a kid?
What is your personal catchphrase?
What is the most pleasurable feeling that doesn't involve anything sexual?
What was your 'Oops, wrong person' moment?
What do you find attractive that isn't considered 'normal' attraction?
What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done drunk?
What's your proudest moment in the bathroom?
What’s something you own that gets you lots of compliments?
If money was no object, where would you want to live?
Who is your favourite mythological character?
What's something that's happened which couldn't happen at a worse time?
What is the best pickup line you've ever heard?
What did aging ruin for you?
What is the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard?
What is the darkest thing you have seen on the internet?
What's something you really enjoy, but can't have?
What Wikipedia article have you recently read?
What's a book you were made to read in school that you really liked?
What objective did you fail to complete this week?
What could have gotten worse for you but it didn't?
What subject should be taught at schools, but isn't?
What is the best thing about having a Significant Other?
What makes you unusually uncomfortable?
What is an upcoming purchase you're excited about?
What is the worst game you've ever played?
What’s the oddest thing you like to do?
What's the funniest news story you've seen in the past few weeks?
What do you really really want right now?
What do you hide from people?
What was the first sign you knew you had a crush on someone?
What's the best lemonade you've made from the lemons life gave you?
Who was your cartoon crush while growing up?
What's the best way to deal with religious door knockers?
What’s the most hypocritical thing you’ve ever seen or heard?
Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?
What just doesn't impress you?
What’s the worst possible way to introduce yourself?
What makes you wish that you were born in the past or the future?
What tragic event was coincidentally beneficial to you?
What's something people are proud of, but it doesn't impress you?
What's the worst possible moment to go and play on a bouncy castle?
Who is the greatest ever comedian?
What’s your irrational fear?
What's your oldest memory?
What can you not wake up without?
What did you think was cool when you were younger that you now think isn’
What are your favourite or most memorable lines from any movie/show?
What's something people love to hate?
What’s something that is underrated but extremely useful?