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Author: vyvyan86
Created: June 19, 2019
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

I don't have a lot of money, but I'm bringing everything I made

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather have a smoothie from McDonald's or make one yourself?
Do you follow any special diet? (dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free etc.)
What is your highest level of education?
What's your favourite summer activity?
How old is the oldest movie you like very much?
What is the most annoying thing about other people?
What's something that easily distracts you?
What is an appliance you don't have, but would love to have?
Have you seen the good or the bad ending of Little Shop of Horrors?
How about the multiple endings of the movie, Clue?
What sort of movies do you like to watch over and over again?
How would you spice up a boring quick meal, like instant ramen?
What is a food you can eat for days without getting bored?
What is something you do weekly?
Would you rather have a waffle iron or a sandwich toaster?
What's the most impressive thing you can do with only one hand?
Do you celebrate Midsummer/summer solstice?
Ever experienced the nightless night? (sun doesn't go below the horizon)
What's something new you want to try but haven't yet?
What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?
What is the most outrageous hairstyle you'd be willing to try even once?
Or does the idea of cutting your hair freak you out?
What's the most outrageous hairstyle you've had so far?
Do you use stairs a lot on a daily basis?
On an ordinary day, is this what you normally do at this hour?
Which keys on your keyboard are worn out the most?
Since what year have you been actively using the Internet?
What's something that would make only you extremely excited?
They're remaking the first Child's Play movie. Thoughts?
If you could be any supervillain, which would you be?
Do you have a favourite Catwoman?
Ever watched the TV-show, Gotham?
Is there an article of clothing you like to wear, but never do publicly?
Any plans for tomorrow?
I'm outta questions, got anything you'd like to say? :D