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About This Survey

Author: chasingghosts
Created: June 18, 2019
Taken: 57 times
Rated: G

Every day is another chance to build, any pain only feeds my will ❀

Created by chasingghosts and taken 57 times on Bzoink
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A bunch of "have you" questions. Answer however you want.
Have you today?
Looked in a mirror?
Watered a plant?
Worn denim?
Washed your hair?
Been in pain?
Had a nap?
Brushed your teeth?
Kissed someone?
Used a cheese grated?
Eaten something sweet?
Spoken to a stranger?
Dropped something?
Felt upset in some way?
Drank coffee?
Walked for more than thirty minutes?
Signed up for something?
Travelled in a car?
Opened a can?
Thought about doing something crazy?
Listened to a new song?
Written in a notebook?
Fed an animal?
Checked your emails?
Told someone you love them?
Made a phone call?
Have you in the last week?
Travelled on a bus?
Washed your face?
Used a blender?
Received a phone call?
Talked to someone you dislike?
Consumed alcohol?
Eaten pasta?
Planned for an event?
Asked someone for a favour?
Watched something funny?
Trimmed your nails?
Browsed Reddit?
Talked to yourself?
Purchased tickets for something?
Felt like you were annoying someone?
Cleaned a toilet?
Reminisced about the past?
Used headphones?
Laughed with a friend?
Cooked dinner and then didn't feel hungry?
Written a list?
Played an instrument?
Felt jealous or envious?
Ignored a text message on purpose?
Congratulated someone?
Have you in the last month?
Made a piece of art?
Rewatched one of your favourite tv shows or movies?
Called a plumber?
Been to a see a doctor?
Finished a book?
Had a crush on someone?
Travelled on a train?
Worn heels?
Been to a friend's house?
Shared a bed with someone?
Been to see a movie at the cinema?
Paid attention to celebrity drama?
Felt anxious?
Taken an elevator?
Given someone the cold shoulder?
Purchased a new book/game/movie?
Applied for a job?
Used a printer?
Had lunch in a park?
Gotten a manicure or pedicure?
Made an appointment?
Had a blood test done?
Suffered from a major bruise?
Researched a topic in-depth?
Have you in the last year?
Been to the beach?
Visited someone in the hospital?
Played pinball?
Travelled on a plane?
Worn a costume?
Been thrift shopping?
Thought about getting pregnant or got pregnant?
Made a big life decision?
Changed a lightbulb?
Framed something and put it on your wall?
Been stargazing?
Made a new friend?
Added to a collection?
Been to the dentist?
Broken up with someone?
Held a baby?
Created a budget?
Confessed feelings for someone?
Had surgery of any kind?
Quit a job?
Been in a car accident?
Purchased something worth over a grand?
Been on vacation at least 500km/300mi from home?
Applied for an academic course?
Had your photo taken by a professional?