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Author: joybucket
Created: April 22, 2019
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Fashion Are We Alike?

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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You love fashion.
You love shopping.
You haven't been to the mall in over a year.
...but you want to go.
You wish you had a car so you could go to the mall (among other things.)
You don't have a huge shoe collection.
You love to wear bright lipstick.
You go without make-up most days.
...but you still like to dress up and wear make-up sometimes.
You think your hair looked best when you were in high school.
You prefer long hair rather than short.
You prefer curly hair rather than straight.
You wish your hair were more thick and curly.
You like to wear bright colors.
You think jeggings are the most comfortable pants ever.
You look terrible in black.
You like infinity scarves.
You don't own riding boots.
You love jeggings.
You think Converse are uncomfortable, but they look awesome.
Your legs are too muscular for you to wear skinny jeans.
You own two pairs of sweatpants.
You own three pullover hoodies.
The sweatshirt you wear the most is from Aeropostale.
You wear yoga pants a lot.
You like colored socks.
You always have your nails painted.
You wear a watch ever day.
Jeggings are your favorite pants.
You like to wear colored shorts.
You own a shirt with an elephant on it.
Buckle is your favorite store.
You can still sometimes wear kid's clothes.
You have some clothes from when you were in high school still.
You don't like crop tops.
Your butt is too big for most popular shorts.
You mostly shop in juniors.
You bought all or most of your homecoming dresses at Deb.
You have two holes in each ear.
You wear glasses.
You've had the same glasses for ever ten years.
You organize your clothes by color.
You have something in every color of the rainbow.
You like the colors coral and teal.
Teal is your favorite color.
You've bought something from the Alloy catalogue.
You wear T-shirts a lot in the spring.
You own a university hoodie.
You still have something with your high school mascot on it.
You don't wear skirts or dresses much.
...but you don't wear them sometimes.
You like summer dresses.
You love/loved wearing skirts to church.
You like to wear leggings with skirts.
You've stopped wearing something because it was bright and attracted bees.
You have swapped clothes with your mom.
You and your mom are the same size.
You own red snow boots.
You like leopard print.
You have knit a scarf.
You usually wear jeans for as long as you can, even when they have holes.
You've found some great clothes at Goodwill.
You've worn pants until they ripped.
You've had pajama pants rip at the seem.
You have clothes in your closet that don't fit you.
You own a lot of clothes.
You own a sweater dress.
You like tribal print.
Big buttons are cool.
You like pockets.
You own lime green shorts.
You like cardigans.
You don't like that clothes from the 90's are coming back in style.
Red eyeliner looks terrible.
You don't want any more piercings.
Emerald green eyeliner is your favorite and looks the best on you.
You like to wear both lip gloss and lipstick together.
Your favorite lipstick is from Urban Decay.
You like flip-flops with fabric straps.
You used to match your sippy cups to your outfits.
You've matched your outfit to your birthday cake.
You've wished you had the same clothes as your dolls.
You've dressed to match someone.
You've kept the dance costume that fit you the best.
You like longer shirts best.
You hardly ever wear hats.
You have bangs.
You don't think you look good without bangs.
You've thought about getting dreadlocks.
You would get a small tattoo if you could (maybe).
You have a favorite choker you wear a lot in the summer.
You like to wear friendship bracelets.
You can't find your class ring.
You think big, poofy prom dresses or long, elegant ones look best.
You want a boho wedding dress.
You don't buy shirts with stupid slogans on them.
You don't own any band tees.
Dark blue jeggings are better than light blue.
You own pastel-colored jeggings.
Pink is a cool color.
...on guys as well as girls.
You like to wear winged eyeliner.
You hold in your tears when wearing make-up so it won't smear.
You like the way your hair looks after it rains.
You have short toes.
It's better to be barefoot.
You've been told you have great style.
You've been told you should be a fashion designer.
You've wanted to be a fashion designer.
You own a Vera Bradley purse.
You think buying expensive designer clothes is stupid.
Your mom has sewed some of your clothes.
You make Halloween costumes out of clothes from your closet.
You hate high-waisted pants and look terrible in them.
You don't look good in rompers.
You like tie-dye.
You like polka dots.
You look best in green and brown.
You would like to own a Victorian gown.
If you had enough money to buy Gucci, you'd go on a shopping spree...
...at Target, Forever 21, Buckle, Goodwill, rue21, etc.
You like rue21 but think some of their stuff is weird.
You like the tags in Forever21's clothing.
You like ThredUp.
In-store shopping is better than online shopping.
You've donated a ton of clothes to Goodwill.
You like some of the same clothes as your mom.
You think fanny packs are a good trend and should come back in style.
You like gypsy garbs.
You like the idea of getting extensions.
...if you could afford them.

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