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Author: mollymindfreak
Created: April 14, 2019
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Spring Time Survey

Created by mollymindfreak and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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Is spring your favorite season?
Do you celebrate Easter?
Did you ever hunt for Easter eggs when you were little?
Do you like spring colors, like pastel colors, or bright colors?
What did you get in your Easter basket when you were a kid?
What is your favorite thing about spring?
Do you do a lot of yard work in the spring?
What is your favorite flower?
Have you ever held a baby chick?
Do you wear sundresses a lot?
Do you store your winter clothes away for the spring and summer?
Do you like to have picnics outside?
What outdoor activities do you like to do?
When it's nice out, do you rider your bike a lot?
What temperature do you think is warm enough to go swimming?
Do you like to go for jogs or runs?
Do you jump in puddles when it rains?
Do you have a pair of rain boots?
What was your favorite thing to do on the playground when you were a kid?
Do you grow any fruits or vegetables in your garden?
Do you like Peep marshmallows?
Do you like the sound of rain?
Have you ever seen a double rainbow?
Have you ever had a pet bunny?
What do you usually get your mom for Mother's Day?
Do you wear a lot of open toed shoes when it's nice out?
When was the last time you went to the zoo?
What's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
Do you wear sunglasses a lot?
Do you like red or yellow ladybugs the best?
Have you ever been stung by a bee or a wasp?
Have you ever seen a birds nest?
Have you ever had a butterfly land on you?
Do you keep bird feeders in your yard?
What does your umbrella look like?
Do you like Cadbury cream eggs?
Are you ready for summer already?