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Author: joybucket
Created: April 14, 2019
Taken: 20 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike? negative experiences version

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Your parents disowned you.
Your best friend turned against you.
You've had at least four best friends turn against you.
Your best friend joined a group of bullies and turned on you.
You were kicked out of your house.
The cops kidnapped you (for no reason).
The cops barged in on you (without warrant).
..multiple times.
....and abused you.
The cops came and joined your parents in abusing you.
Your past bothers you and you cry about it every day.
You block idiots on facebook, yet they keep appearing everywhere!
Your "best friend" decided you are gay and accuses you of it.
You had irresponsible teachers who didn't do their job and blamed it on you
You had your free will stolen from you.
...multiple times.
A youth leader (at a church) tried to kill you.
...and got away with it.
Your "best friend" turned on you and tried to kill you.
...and got away with it...
You've had material possessions stolen from you.
You've seen a ghost-like figure appear in your home.
You went to the hospital (with something serious) & they refused 2 treat u
You've been called....
a drug addict
a little priss
"your head's not screwed on straight"
"you were terrible"
"you chose to go to your dream school just to spite us"
a liar
"Get behind me, Satan"
"why are you causing drama?" (by your abuser)
"If I don't remember it, it didn't happen!" (ur abuser about what he did)
"I guess I've lost a daughter, then"
"Get out!"
"You might have to stay here against your will."
"You're the most anxious person I know."
"You're depressed!"
You've been accused of being depressed when you weren't.
...and suicidal
...and anxious
Your parents constantly threatened you.
You were forced to take a pill that made you depressed and tired.
You were refused treatment for a neurological condition.
YOu have been held hostage many times.
Your kidnapping still bothers you.
Your own parents tried to kill you.
...yet you love your mother very much.
Your brother is a jerk.
Your dad is the devil.
Your mom is psychotic and not right in the head.
You've been told you need to get checked out becuz ur not right in the head
....by a youth leader.
You've been abused by a pastor.
You've been abused by your crush.
....more than one crush, actually
You've been kicked out of a store because of the way you look.
You've come close to being homeless.
You've worried about being homeless.
Doctors frequently claim your symptoms are anxiety.
The police don't allow you to express anger.
If you express anger, you'll be abused or kidnapped.
....because that's what the police do to you when you get angry.
....even though what angers you is injustice and crimes.
You're considered worthless by everyone you know.
You hate that people with money can do whatever they want.
...and it's considered right.
...and you hate that the poor are considered worthless.
You are hardworking, determined, passionate, and ambitious....
...but no one appreciates you.
...and you get treated as if you are lazy, worthless, stupid, etc.
The police tried to kill you.
A doctor refused to treat you and tried to argue with you instead.
You get unfair treatments...others play favorites.
Your landlord called you a liar.
Your "best friend" called you a liar.
You work hard every day but don't get paid for it.
You've been a slave for as long as you can remember.
Counselors have been rude to you.
A counselor refused to listen to you.
You've been beaten.
You're not ok with what's been done to you.
You get persecuted for your faith.
You've been called religious and homophobic.
You've been a victim of homophobia.
YOu hate close-minded, religious people.
You hate plagiarism.
You hate injustice.
You hate poverty and inequality.
You hate racism.
You've been a victim of racism.
You've had three men try to rape you.
You were sexually harassed at work (with more than words).
...and in a parking lot (also with more than words).
This may be continued later...

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