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Author: joybucket
Created: April 10, 2019
Taken: 61 times
Rated: G

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Questions no one ever asks!

Created by joybucket and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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What color would your hair be if you were a Bratz doll?
Have you done the Bratz doll challenge for youtube?
Do your facebook friends try to diagnose u with conditions you don't have?
Do you hate plagiarism?
Who is someone you know who plagiarizes?
Do you talk to anyone about your crushes?
Who's the person you go to for advice?
Does the hospital in your town have a good reputation?
If you were a flower, what would you be, and why?
Do you hate it when doctors try to tell you your symptoms are anxiety?
Is your bed next to a wall?
What does the last bookmark you used look like?
Is there anyone you secretly want to ask to be your friend?
Do you pretend to be ok when you're not?
Have you ever told someone you were happy when you weren't?
How often do you get asked if you're ok?
Are you ok?
What is missing from your life?
How old were you the first time you were kidnapped?
Have you ever had your free will stolen from you?
What is your favorite nickname that you've had?
Where did you go on the best date you've been on?
What guy or girl did you totally blow it with?
Have you ever been accused of being gay by a jealous friend?
If you're a Christian, how old were you when you accepted Christ?
Do you think for yourself?
What was the name of the last mountain you climbed?
Would you rather sleep in a tent or stay in a resort?
Have you ever gotten a professional massage?
What's your favorite milkshake flavor?
What act would you be most likely to perform in a talent show?
If you had braces, do you wear your retainers still?
If you had braces, have your teeth moved since you got them off?
Whose was the first baby shower you remember attending, and for what baby?
Do you know anyone personally who's lost a child?
What keeps you going? Why do you keep on going each day?
Have you ever felt like a job wasn't worth it?
Do you have friends and family who love and support you?
Do you wish people had more respect for those who are disabled invisibly?
If applicable, what color is your lava lamp?
What are you planning for or preparing for right now?
What color is your kitchen counter?
Do you wash the dishes by hand or have a dishwasher?
How many years ago did you graduate high school?
Do you wish you could re-live your college years again?
Have you ever seen a shadowy, ghost-like figure (in real life)?
Do you take your medications regularly?
Who was the last person who tried to kill you and then played the victim?
Do you love anyone who hates you?
What color is your bedroom door?
What color is your desk?
Did you save your favorite Barbie doll from childhood?
Did you ever record yourself onto a casette tape?
What decade were you born in?
When was the last time you did something that felt like rebellion?
Did you learn a lot in college?
As there anyone whom you wish were dead?
How many inches do you normally have to hem up your pants?
Do you have to take in shirts at the shoulders?
If you're a girl, what's your bra size?
What color are your kitchen cupboards?
What was the first food you learned to cook on the stove?
Have you ever had the chicken pox?
Do you have any memories from pre-school?
Where did you go on your first train ride?
Have you ever felt jealous of someone because of the parent they had?
Do you love life?
Do you wish that the police would get punished for their crimes?
Name something you own that's an antique.
Would you collect antiques if you were rich?
Do you wish you could afford to buy a house?
What's one luxury item you wish you could afford?
Do you know how to swim?
What's your favorite thing to do in a swimming pool?
Do you prefer indoor or outdoor pools?
Have you ever been abused by a cop?