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About This Survey

Author: vyvyan86
Created: April 3, 2019
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

Tired of the same old thing? Let's try something new!

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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What did you think you were good at, until you saw someone else do it?
What's a fun fact you tell in social situations?
What's something you're positive that only you do?
What is something nice going on in your life right now?
What was the pinnacle of wealth to you as a child?
What's something that you hate, but can't live without?
What skill do you not talk about, because you feel it sounds like bragging?
What is an absolute 100% fact?
What's the most useless thing you've memorized?
What is your personal curse?
Who's the worst person you've encountered on the Internet?
Do you ever stop and think, “what the hell am I doing with my life?”
What are some of the small things in life you enjoy?
What happened recently that made you really happy?
If death wasn't a consequence, what would you try?
What's the dumbest thing you've heard someone say?
What is the worst smell you can remember?
What's something you want that doesn't exist yet?
Where is your happy place?
What song gets better the louder it gets?
What's the most deceptive advertising you've seen?
What's a joke you always tell people you meet for the first time?
What's the biggest inconvenience that does NOT ruin your day?
What's your best wrong number story?
What's something everybody should know how to do?
What is a great movie no one knows about?
What type of person could the world use less of?
What makes you think, 'Oh dear, I'm old...'?
What is one food that you hated as a kid, but love now?
What makes you tingle?
What was your travel nightmare?
What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?
What weird thing turns you on?
What's easy to learn, but hard to master?
What's something you've changed your opinion on?
Describe your favourite movie as obscurely as possible:
What's the most satisfying thing you've ever felt?
If you had a refilling bowl, what would you want it to contain?
Where do you mostly live? In the past, the present or the future?
What is more important to you, the way you look or the ideas you present?
What don't people get about what it's like to be you?
If your bedroom had three portals to anywhere, where would they lead?
How is parallel universe you doing?
Which historical event should be the next huge television series?
What country should fictional villains be from?
What is your imaginary Eden?
Which Disney princess would make the best villain?
You can ask any author one question about their story. What do you ask?
Would you want a rewind or a pause button for your life? Why that one?
Are you worth your weight in gold?