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Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: March 10, 2019
Taken: 6 times
Rated: PG


Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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Do any of your friends resemble celebrities? Which celebrities?
When a celebrity dies of a substance-abuse related problem, do...
you lose respect for them?
Do you enjoy tabloids, or do you think they're disrespectful trash?
Any celebrities who people objectify, who you think deserve...
...recognition for way more than their looks? Who?
Any celebrities you think are attractive, but lots of other people don't?
A celebrity everybody says is hot, but you're not attracted to?
Which celebrities have the sexiest, or most pleasant, (speaking) voices?
Hollywood/music legends you're not impressed with? Why?
Hollywood/music legends you ARE impressed with? Why?
Celebrity (or celebrities) you'd like a good biopic about?
Celebrity (or celebrities) you know a lot about?
Celebrity who you think let the fame go to their head?
Celebrity you think deserves more recognition? Why?
Celebrity (or celebrities) you would like to meet?
Celebrity (or celebrities) you HAVE met?
Celebrity (or celebrities) with the best lips?
Best eyes?
Best hair?
Controversial celebrity you don't think is that bad?
Deceased celebrity (or celebrities) you wish were still living?
A celebrity you initially misjudged?
A celebrity you have fantasized about either romantically or sexually?
A celebrity who seems to have disappeared?
One that disappeared that you wish hadn't?
A celebrity you wish WOULD disappear? Why?
Your favorite female celebrities?
An actor/actress who seems to be a 'chameleon'?
A vocalist who gives you chills?
Do you have a favorite Beatles song? Which one?
Have you seen any of The Beatles' movies?
A very famous movie you didn't like? Why?
A popular song that you do NOT think is that artist's best song?
(In other words, you think they have other songs that are much better.)
Which do you think IS the above artist's best song?
A music legend you do not think is/was that great? Why?
A famous song that you don't like at all? Why?
Are there any lyrics you love enough to get tattooed on your body?
Which lyric(s)?
Has a song lyric ever brought you to tears? Which one(s)?
Do you have any new favorite groups/artists?
(New, meaning you recently started listening to them.)
Who is your favorite member of Queen other than Freddie Mercury?
Do you like Freddie Mercury better with or without the mustache?
Were you happy Rami Malek won Best Actor?
Do you wish they would televise the Met Gala?
Do you even usually watch big televised awards shows?
Do you think you could handle being famous?
Do you have a #1 Favorite Celebrity? Who, and why?