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Author: joybucket
Created: March 6, 2019
Taken: 29 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever (inspired by songs and music videos)

Created by joybucket and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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kissed a girl and liked it
surrendered to Christ
danced with Jesus
had the cops come join your party and start dancing
picked petals off a rose when you were missing someone
tried to see how many world records you could break
ran away from God
roared like a tiger
said your prayers as a kid
worn a bodysuit and walked silently through your town
had teardrops on your guitar
fallen in love with someone who loved you back
danced in the rain
danced in the rain in a dress
been baptized in water
envied someone more popular than you
wanted to get revenge
spent the day feeling sorry for yourself
wanted to be famous
thought you were never going to grow up or lose your high school friends
lifted a middle finger to the sky
dressed up as a genie
performed onstage wearing bellbottoms
been known as a drama queen
set something on fire
had a crush on someone's mom
felt invisible
wished you were invisible
fantasized about revenge
tried to ruin your own reputation