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Author: joybucket
Created: March 2, 2019
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Ice cream dream

Created by joybucket and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite song right now?
What is the last book you read?
^And what was it about?
Do you prefer romance or comedy?
In your opinion, what makes a good book?
What was the last craft project you completed?
Do you feel like you're mentally & emotionally your age?
How old are you?
Do you think you look like your mom?
What is your favorite way to style your hair?
Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach?
Which stereotype do you fit the most?
Do you think you look good in pink?
Paisleys or plaid?
What's your favorite exotic animal?
What is the last thing you had to take Prednisone for?
Do you like Prednisone?
What's the last flavor of ice cream you had?
What's the last room or area of your house/room you cleaned entirely?
What is your favorite deoderant scent?
Which fragrances make you sniffly, if any?
Do you have any severe allergies? If yes, to what?
Have you ever had an allergy skin-prick test or blood test?
Do you use an inhaler? If yes, when do you have to use it?
What color shirt are you wearing?
Were your college years the best years of your life?
What advice would you give someone who's starting college?
Do you ever miss high school? Do you wish you could go back?
If you had to choose, dark pop or light pop?
Do you think it's gross when people burp and fart in youtube videos?
What's the next craft project that you want to start?
Do you own a hot glue gun?
Which holiday is the most fun to decorate for?
What is one holiday that you skip decorating for?
Have you ever dressed up as an alien?
^If yes, what did you use for a costume, and if no, what would you use?
Do you prefer fall or spring?
Which fragrance do you like better: fall leaves or spring flowers?
What does your favorite corsage that you've worn to a dance look like?
Do you still wear your class ring?
What does your class right look like?
What is your favorite hairstyle that you've ever had?
Have you ever had a really bad haircut?
What's one assumption people make about you that is not true?
^ And why do you think people assume this about you?
Are you too nice or too mean, or are you just the right mix?
When was the last time you wore fishnet tights?
Do you look good in red lipstick?
Would you ever dye your hair blonde?
What do you think is the best hair color?
Did your high school have a strict dress code?
What was your high school's mascot?
What was your college's mascot?
Do you believe that college is for everyone, or should some people not go?
Favorite spring color/colors? Light turquoise, flamingo pink, lavender...?
Do you own any plastic butterflies?
What is your favorite online shopping store?
Which search engine do you use the most?
Do you check your email regularly?
Which emoji is your favorite?
What are some things you'd like to be for Halloween in the future?
What is your favorite girl's name?
What is your favorite boy's name?
Who are the cutest/most beautiful babies or toddlers that you know?
Is it snowing right now where you live?
Does spring make you hopeful each year?
Do you fantasize about revenge when you're mad at someone?
Which family member did you inherit your hair color from?
Are you taller, shorter, or the same height as your mom?
Do you have a sibling that looks like you?
What color is your kitchen table?
Do you own a dreamcatcher?
Have you ever made a dreamcatcher?
Do you feel overwhelmed by your life at all right now?
Do you wish you could play any song you want in your youtube videos?
If you're a youtuber, have you ever got a copyright strike?
Has anyone ever plagairized/copied off of you without your permission?
Did you use Xanga when you were younger?
What was the first website you had an email account on?
Do you type fast?
How did you learn to type?
What is your favorite biblical name for girls?
What is your favorite biblical name for boys?
Would you ever name your child after someone?
Who is your favorite baby on youtube right now?
Were you a cute baby?
Do you enjoy reading love stories?
Have you read To All the Boys I've Loved Before?
List three books you've read more than once for pleasure.
What is your favorite book that you had to read for school?
Do you own a camera tripod?
Do you have a swimming pool?
^And if not, do you wish you did?
Would you rather own a swimming pool or hot tub?
Did this past winter go fast or slow for you?
Does time seem to be moving by quicker?
In love, do you fall hard and fast?
Do you own a locket? If yes, who's picture is inside?
Which celebrities are the same age as you?
Which celebrities did you grow up with, so to speak?
Did you ever have a best friend who was your neighbor?
What was the name of your first best friend who wasn't a sibling?
Which Bratz doll was your favorite?
Which Bratz boy was your favorite?
Did your Barbies go on dates?
What was on toy you wanted as a child but never got?
What was your favorite toy as a child?
What color Christmas tree do you want when you have a house of your own?
What color is your dream car?
What style of wedding dress do you want to have?
Do you know what theme of wedding you want?
Do you own any duck tape?
Have you ever made a duck tape wallet?
Do you ever wear belts anymore?
^If not, did you use to?
What was your favorite belt that you had?
Did you ever own a sequined purse?
What do your favorite semiformal dresses that you've worn look like?
Do you have clothes you're hanging onto that don't currently fit you?
Floral print or leopard print?
Would you ever get dreadlocks?
What's a trend you thought about following, but then decided not to?
Do you often keep up with trends, or do you fall behind?
What wakes you up in the morning?
If you had to spend a year in another country, which one would you choose?
Have you ever been on a cruise?
Best cruise you've ever been on?
Would you rather go camping in the mountains or desert?
Would you rather sleep in a tent or in a cabin?
Has anyone ever stolen from you while at camp?
Have you ever written to an advice columnist?
Would you ever want to be an advice columnist?
Are you afraid of spiders?
What are your plans for today (or tomorrow, if it's late)?
Have you a beautiful day! :)

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