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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: February 28, 2019
Taken: 6 times
Rated: G

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Name a youtuber who....

Created by joybucket and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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has good fashion sense
makes great family vlogs
has a colorful bedroom
makes great DIY projects
has black hair
has red hair
is colorblind
has a beautiful singing voice
you feel like you could be friends with
has the same style as you
love unicorns
is your age
has great merch
makes great informational/educational videos
has a pretty dog
has blonde
has pink hair
has brown hair
is Mexican
is Asian
is a mixed race
has a boyfriend
makes great song covers
has the funniest truth or dare videos
has beautiful hair
has a great smile
has curly hair
is Japanese
is Chinese
is Australian
is from Texas
is from Florida
is from Michigan
is from one of the New England states
lives in LA
is from Arizona
has a big family
has a twin
you think is really pretty
has the same favorite color as you
has the same name as you
makes great reaction videos
wears hair extensions
lives a rich, luxurious lifestyle
seems superficial and shallow
is annoying
plays the ukulele
talks too much
has a great intro/theme song
uses Spongebob timecards
is very talented
makes creative videos
inspired you to start a youtube channel
you love to watch
is a friend of yours
is a Christian
is Jewish
is not religious
is gay
has a cute child
is more open and honest than you would be on youtube
keeps a lot of information private
has a cool living room
loves pink
is very girly and glamorous
is still in high school
seems too young to have a youtube channel
is short
is tall
is a contortionist
is a good dancer
is a good singer
looks good in black
has a bedroom that you want
loves washi tape
is vegan
decorates for every holiday
has their own house
is dating another youtuber
is single
is pregnant or just recently had a baby
has the same health issue as you do
has had a video taken down or blocked because of copyright laws
lives in the same state as you
lives in the same country as you
got famous through youtube
posts daily vlogs
has a beautiful name
makes you laugh
inspires your creativity
only uploads occasionally
has 10 million subscribers
has autism
is overweight
is very confident and not afraid to be herself or himself
never speaks in their videos
is the same height as you
you want to meet
you want to meet and collab with
makes travel vlogs