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Author: joybucket
Created: February 28, 2019
Taken: 15 times
Rated: G

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Are you like my favorite youtubers?

Created by joybucket and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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Chronically Jaquie
You have are chronically ill.
You have multiple chronic health problems.
You are on medication.
You have to take narcotics or use medical marijuana for your pain.
You have chronic pain.
You have dark hair.
You have a golden retriever.
You like going to the beach.
You live somewhere where it's warm year-round.
You like going to Disney World.
You've been mistreated by doctors.
You've had to go to the emergency room.
You've stayed overnight in a hospital.
You are very literal.
Mia Fizz
You have red hair.
You love the colors pink and turquoise and lilac.
You love unicorns.
You wear crop tops a lot.
You have two sisters.
You have a baby sister.
You wear funky and bright earrings.
You live in England.
You love to travel with your family.
You have freckles.
You've had your hair highlighted to make it blonder.
You have blue eyes.
You are studying Spanish or you can speak Spanish fluently.
You are/were homeschooled.
Gillian Bower
You love bright colors!
You've dyed your hair pink.
You live in Australia.
You love to make craft projects.
You've made a DIY craft youtube video.
You love decorating pumpkins and/or want to decorate pumpkins.
You love decorating for holidays.
Your room is very bright and colorful.
You like unicorns, sprinkles, and cupcakes.
You've made slime.
You like to add glitter to projects.
You've redecorated your room.
You own a sweater with a giant heart on it.
You live in your own apartment.
Bethany Mota
You have black hair.
Your hair is long.
You like fuschia.
You are confident and not afraid to be yourself.
You decorate your room for every holiday.
You enjoy doing craft projects.
You love shopping at Target.
You like to curl your hair.
You like to bake.
You like to burn candles.
You live in California.
You are short.
You are 5'3.
You were shy in front of the camera when you first started youtube.
Niki DeMar
Your favorite color is blue.
You've had teal or blue hair.
You are red-green colorblind.
You have a sister who is much girlier than you.
You enjoy make-up and fashion.
You have a boyfriend.
You live in LA.
You like retro things.
You've decorate your apartment retro-style.
You are pessimistic and struggle to stay positive.
You are focused on your appearance a lot.
You have crooked teeth.
Your bedroom walls are pale blue.
You have or have had hair extensions.
Gabriella Demartino
You are rich and live a luxurious life.
You ride in a limo regularly.
You have naturally black hair.
You've dyed your hair lighter.
You love the color pink.
Your style is very girly.
You love girly things.
You own a small dog.
You love antiques.
You have a boyfriend who braids your hair for you.
You like to sing.
You are laid-back even though you're filthy rich.
You view vlogging as a hobby, and you enjoy it.
You truly care about your subscribers.
Sydney Serena
You live in LA.
Your favorite color is pink.
You are a Christian.
You are very superficial and shallow.
..but you smile and like to have fun.
You are a perfectionist and a neat freak.
You live in a studio apartment.
You are rich and spend way too much money on clothes that look cheap.
You like to wear men's clothing.
You take a very minimalistic approach to decorating.
You've never had any real problems in your life.
To you life is all about fun.
You own at least three hoodies that are the same color.
You have two brothers.
You like making things out of duck tape.
Your favorite color is light turquoise blue.
^Or, you just love that color.
You have long, brown hair.
You are very pretty (or have been told so).
You are tall and super thin.
You live in Ohio.
You are very artistic and talented artistically.
You own a Wreck This journal.
You want to own a Wreck This journal.
You own a sketchbook and draw in it regularly.
You like to draw with colored pencils.
You live with your boyfriend.
You make craft projects regularly.
The Norris Nuts
You live in Australia.
You're a surfer and/or skateboarder.
You have four or more siblings.
You are afraid of needles or don't like needles.
You really care about your siblings and family members.
You like to dance in elevators.
Your mom is trying to get pregnant again.
Your dad is a professional athlete.
You have been on Ellen.
You like to try foods from other countries.
You were a late bloomer.
You get along with your sibling/siblings.
You've recorded a song with your sibling/siblings.
You are on youtube even though you're young.
Family Fizz
You believe in treasuring others and being yourself.
You like to travel and/or want to travel around the world.
You pay it forward to do random acts of kindness as much as you can.
You love your family and spend a lot of time with them.
You like to eat out.
You have a sibling with a different hair color than you.
You are British.
You are vegan.
You live in England.
You like to go the beach but hate seagulls.
You try to live life to the fullest.
You like to make people happy.
You live in a big house.
You walk as much as you can and also drink a lot of water.
Elise Ecklund
You're a natural blonde.
You've dyed your hair funky colors.
You play the ukulele.
You mostly dress in all black.
You're a Christian.
You love "Oceans' by Hillsong.
You like to drink juice boxes, especially Capri Sun.
You have a sister.
You seem kind of melancholy most of the time.
You are a loner.
You are humble and kind.
You part your hair on the side.
You like Spongebob and Shrek.
You play video games.
You are mixed (i.e., parents from two different cultures.)
You are part Asian.
You like to do crafts.
You have your own room just for doing crafts.
You like to decorate things.
You have dyed your hair blonde.
You like pastel colors and bright colors.
You use washi tape.
You have drawn or written on a leaf.
You have altered an item of clothing you got from Goodwill.
You use dollar store items for crafts.
You room is very bright and colorful and artsy.
Your home is filled with craft projects.
You are the most artistic among your friends.
The Ohana Adventure
You come from a big family and have a lot of siblings.
You are Hawaiian.
You are/were homeschooled.
...but you've been to public school before.
You love shopping.
You are religious.
...specifically, Mormon.
You aren't allowed to wear crop tops without a shirt underneath.
You have fairy lights on the wall in your room.
You are annoying.
You live in Arizona.
You love playing "the floor is lava!"
You have a neighbor that you enjoy playing pranks on.
You love family vacations.
You have a sister.
You have played extreme truth or date in public!
You enjoy making people laugh.
You have a crush on a popular youtuber.
You have tried drinks off the Starbucks secret menu.
You have played a mean prank on someone that you felt bad about later.
You like to have fun with your friends.
You shop at Target.
You are dating someone.
You enjoy playing truth or dare.
You have dark hair.
You like to make a fool of yourself to make others laugh.
You film in your living room, dining room, or kitchen mostly.
You have friends that are twins.
Sofie Dossi
You are very flexible and hypermobile.
You are in gymnastics and/or dance.
Your favorite TV show is America's Got Talent.
You have a brother that you film videos with.
You have naturally curly hair.
You are an alien.
You have a secret you are keeping from the world (about your alienship).
You live with your parents.
You like to do dares.
You believe in pushing yourself to reach your full potential.
You have a ridiculously good family who loves you and supports you 100%.
You can do contortion.
You've met Simon Cowell.
You love Shawn Mendez.
Emily's Adventures (my channel!)
You love bright colors.
You love fashion, art, and DIY projects.
You like to sing.
You like to dance.
You have a very colorful room.
You are chronically ill.
You live alone.
You live in Michigan.
You are spiritual.
You like to read and write.
You're adventurous.
You want to travel more.
You're a free spirit.
You're very creative, artistic, and unique.
Final questions
Who are your favorite youtubers?
Which of these were you the most like?
Do you have a youtube channel? If so, what's it about?
...and what's your link?
What do you want to be known for?
Have a colorful day! Message me if you'd like the link to my channel, and
I hope you enjoyed this survey and have a wonderful day! :)