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Author: vyvyan86
Created: February 26, 2019
Taken: 18 times
Rated: G

I regret suggesting spring was coming yesterday

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 18 times on Bzoink
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Would you like to be a fly on the wall, observing someone else's life?
Would you be interested in building a water feature for a garden?
Do friends come to you for ideas for things like haircuts?
Do you know anybody, who's gone to university at the age of 16?
I have a friend who managed to pull it off, I'm really damn proud of her!
Does your keyboard have a wrist rest?
Do you have plants in your house? If so, what kind/s?
Do you consider the letter Y a consonant or a vowel?
In Finnish it's a vowel, so when I watch Countdown, it feels weird how
the letter Y comes out of the consonant pile.
When you're really thirsty, do you go for still water or sparkling water?
If you carry a water bottle, do you reuse the same one or buy a new one?
If you wear them, what are your loudest pair of earrings?
^As in crazy in style, colour or size, for example.
Would you rather wear a tie or a bowtie?
How many birds can you name just by looking at them?
Which birds are most common around your neighbourhood?
When's the last time you had a pot luck?
If you don't understand a reference in something, do you look it up?
Are you the kind of person to look at accident sites, when passing them by?
Do you ever see candles burning by the road side?
Did you ever make dolls or hand puppets in primary/elementary school?
Aren't baby chicks adorable?
Have you ever seen a polydactyl cat?
Do you find Polish folklore interesting?
If so, what are some of your favourite aspects of it?
Have you ever been interested in the Middle Ages at all?
When I was younger, I was obsessed, because we know so little about them.
Then I found the fantasy genre and it's got me hooked,
because of the milieu in medieval themed fantasy.
Are there any languages you could try to work out what some words mean?
When you were little, what sorts of make belief did you play?
Has a friend's parent ever given you a present just because?
My best friend's mom sent me a Mexican bead necklace.
What do you do with clothes you can't wear anymore?
I just retired an old pair of jeans and plan on turning them into a bag.
What is something you're very particular about?
What is your dearest stuffed animal that you own? Why is that?
Have you ever had to try to pronounce words that have letters with umlauts?
Are you more an Eeyore, a Piglet or a Tigger?
Name something awesome from another culture that is not part of yours:
Do you have an appliance running right now? If so, which one?
What makes you wary about a person?
Do planes fly over your area often?
I see planes to Japan and UAE flying over every day.
When at a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, do you use chopsticks?
How do you break your routine when you feel like you're stuck in a rut?
If you could, would you enhance your body with technology?
^If you would, what would you have done?
What are you grateful for NOT having?
What's something you can't wait for about growing old?
How do you expect your life to go like? How are you ensuring that?
Or do you just wing it as you go?
What's a yard game that you still enjoy playing as an adult?
What do you think is the most interesting sea creature?
How do you reset your head to zero, so to speak?
Have you ever gone exploring an abandoned building?
What's for dinner today?
Are there any foreign television shows you enjoy watching?