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Author: vyvyan86
Created: February 23, 2019
Taken: 23 times
Rated: PG

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Let's see if I can come up with new questions

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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Do you or have you ever owned a cup with your name on it?
What's the most expensive crafts tool that you own?
Have you ever woven baskets of any kind (wicker, paper, cardboard etc.)?
How do you like Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis?
Speaking of Jerry Lee Lewis, have you seen the biopic about him?
How about the biopic about Tina Turner?
In 8th grade music classes our teacher showed us both of those movies.
Do you like the TV-show Frasier?
Frasier popped into my head from Great Balls of Fire. There's a bit where
he plays that song for a bit. I think I know the show by heart by now.
What's something you know by heart?
What is something you're greedy about?
How valuable does a coin have to be for you to bother to pick it up?
What would be something you would wait in line to get for free?
In Finland people wait in line for free buckets.
Has there ever been a leak anywhere in your house?
Have you ever slipped in the shower?
Have you ever made any decorative crafts? If so, are they displayed?
I make cross stitchings, specifically pinball themed ones. I display them
at our arcade.
Is it very humid where you are right now?
What is the most suggestive thing someone has said to you?
Do you have friends who you playfully flirt with?
Doesn't the Z in the Bzoink logo look like an L to you, too?
Did you ever take that 5000 question survey that was circulating Tumblr?
Have you ever had to change a zipper in your favourite article of clothing?
Do you prefer buttons or zippers in general?
Did you grandma have a box full of pretty buttons?
What's the most exotic spice in your spice rack?
Do buttons tempt you to press them?
Do you have a favourite television host?
What's your opinion on celebrity chefs?
Back when it first started, did you watch ANTM?
Did you know, that there was even a Finnish version of ANTM?
Miss Jay made an appearance in the first season, too.
Are you accident prone?
Have you ever broken something really valuable?
What do you see as timeless?
What is something that you own, that has sentimental value?
Have you ever had your own website?
I did, from the age of 13 until 27 or so. It was before social media was
a thing. Learned basic HTML thanks to it. It still exists, but there's
nothing there anymore. Last update was in 2013.
What's your favourite board game?
How about your favourite card game?
What's something that you finished recently?
I played the original Mass Effect trilogy to the end for the fourth time.
What's the smallest town you recall visiting?
What's the longest distance you've had to go to work or school?
Would you learn a new language, if you didn't share one with your lover?
Do you have friends who are constantly tagging you in challenges on FB?
When it comes to chocolate, do you prefer nougat, jelly or caramel filling?
Are you more concerned about winning than just participating?
Has somebody you know taken their own life?
My ex did, thus becoming an ex. Mental illness is a really difficult thing,
especially, if you're paranoid about your meds working.
What is a number that has some significance to you? Why is that?
Do you prefer onions, leeks or chives?
What's the most adult thing you have to do every day?
What's the most immature thing you like to do every day?
Have you seen the movie, Clue? If so, isn't it fab?
I liked Tim Curry to begin with, but that movie just made him even more
Do your cheeks get flushed easily?
Do you blush easily in general?
Are there any social cues you miss entirely?
I sometimes misunderstand certain things people say.
When someone doesn't smile back at you, what's your first thought?
I usually think the person doesn't like me.
Is there a person who melts your heart just by looking at you?
My fiancé just walked past me and smiled, and I went all gooey!
Have you ever had tom kha kai?
It's a Thai coconut soup, and it's amazing. We serve it at work.
Have you, or anyone you know ever been rude to a server?
What's something you're opinionated and very vocal about?
^When's the last time you had to verbally defend your stance?
Have you ever played BitLife?
I sort of got hooked on it, it's like sims but in text form.
What's something you regularly order online?
When's the last time you made a penpal?
Do you often make friends online?
Do people ever try to get something from somebody through you?
As in, they ask you to ask the person they should be asking
in the first place. If that makes sense.
What do you think when you see a couple holding hands?
Gay couples and old couples make me go, "Awww!"
Is there anything you're forced to share with someone else?
What's something stripy that you own?
How about something polka dotted?
What is something you find absolutely appalling?
Do you like elevators?
What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say "midnight madness"?
What is a country you would never want to visit?
When you're angry, does it ever get physical?
What do you do, when you're immensely happy?
What made you scream out loud the last time you screamed?
Can you hear your neighbours through the wall?
What is something that frustrates you to no end?
Do you wear shoes indoors?
Who is your favourite stand-up comedian?
What's the weirdest video youtube has suggested to you?
What's the funniest infomercial you've seen?
Is there a drink that just goes right through you?
Is there a food item you can't eat because it doesn't agree with you?
Do you playfully compete with someone about something?
Would you rather swim or run?
Do you like the smell of tar?
Have you ever been to a sauna?
Does your doorbell ring unexpectedly often?
Is your favourite fictional character a human, an animal or something else?
Have you ever helped a stranger? If so, what did you do?
Do you share hobbies with any of your friends? What do you do together?
Do you have any flags on display? If so, what flag(s)?
Alright, I don't think I can think of anything more :D Have a nice day!