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Author: joybucket
Created: February 19, 2019
Taken: 19 times
Rated: G

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I'm so happy right now! Let's enjoy the day :)

Created by joybucket and taken 19 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Which do you prefer: Valentine's Day or Easter?
Do you wait until the last minute to decorate, or do you decorate early?
What color bottoms are you wearing right now?
Do you love life?!
What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
What were you wearing in the last good selfie you took?
What's on your wish list right now?
What do you use to sweeten your tea?
Which dollar store do you like best?
Have you ever owned an expensive eyeshadow palette?
What's one challenge you want to complete for youtube?
If you make youtube videos, do you have a posting schedule?
When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?
How would you rate your self-esteem? low, healthy, or high?
Do you own a tripod for your camera?
Would you rather go to London, Paris, or Tokyo?
Were you a bigger fan of Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff?
Which Olsen twin was your favorite: Mary-Kate or Ashley, and why?
Do you make Halloween costumes out of clothes from your closet?
Do you enjoy putting outfits together?
Would you rather it rain or snow?
What does your umbrella look like?
What color are your nails painted?
Are your nails always painted?
What's one thing you've had a toxic reaction to?
Do you wear headbands?
Do you own a boho bandeau?
Which do you prefer: cropped tops or tunic tops?
What's a style or trend that you think is ridiculous?
Which youtuber do you want to be more like?
Do you wear jeggings or leggings more?
^Same questions, but jeggings or skinny jeans?
Do you like stuffed animals?
What was your favorite class in high school?
Have you ever gotten straight A's in a class? If so, which classes?
Were there any subjects that you got a perfect SAT score in? If so, what?
What's the best coffee shop in your town, in your opinion?
Are you happy today?
If so, what made you happy today?
When was the last time you woke up to a beautiful sunrise?
Is your bed right by a window?
Do you spent more time in your bedroom or your living room?
Which holiday is your favorite to decorate for?
Do you decorate for holidays?
What craft project do you want to do next?
Do you name stuffed animals still?
Do you still own your favorite Barbie?
What was your favorite Barbie?
Favorite Bratz doll?
Favorite American Girl doll?
Favorite Disney princess?
Favorite cartoon character?
Are you rebellious?
What's the most rebellious thing you've ever done?
What's your favorite thing about yourself?
Have you ever celebrated Valentine's Day when you were single?
What's your dream date?
If you were dating a guy right now, where would you want him to take you?
Is there a guy you regret letting slip away?
Are you a guy or a girl?
Are you more boho, girly, edgy, sporty, or hipster?
Which stereotype do you fit the most?
What titles did you win in the senior class polls?
Were you popular in school?
If you won a car, what color would you like it to be?
Do you wear hats?
Do you ever put your hair up in the winter?
Do you have bangs?
^If not, have you ever had bangs?
How many siblings do you have?
Do you have any family members that you've never met?
If you're from the US, what states have you lived in?
Who was your best roommate?
Was your first roommate your best roommate?
What's the best family vacation you've ever been on?
Do you have a Mac or a PC?
Do you use iMovie?
What's your dream job?
What types of youtube videos are your favorite to watch?
Which do you watch more: TV, youtube, or movies?
Do you prefer books or movies?
Have you ever wanted to be a model?
Are you cold right now?
What do the last pair of pants you bought look like?
What store(s) do you do most of your shopping at?
What style of wedding dress is your favorite?
What years did you attend prom?
What color is the last sweater you wore?
What do you want to be for Halloween?
What is your name, and what are the different spelling variations of it?
Do you like your name how it's spelled?
Would you change your name if given the chance?
Did you ever want to be famous?
Would you ever want to be famous now?
Who are the cutest babies you see on facebook?
What would your name had been if you were born the opposite gender?
If you had a twin of the same gender, what would his/her name be?
What is your first and middle name?
What year were you born?
How old does that make you?
Have a great day! :)