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Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: February 9, 2019
Taken: 47 times
Rated: PG

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I can't promise it's entertaining, but it's something to do

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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Ever had a friend online for a long time without seeing a photo of them?
When you did see a photo, was it how you'd imagined them?
The last time you threw up, what caused it?
If you saw Rent Live on Fox, did you like Valentina as Angel?
Did you have any foreign exchange students at your high school?
Did they have favorite foods from your country they'd never had before?
Any foods from other countries you would like to try but haven't yet?
Has bad weather ever prevented you from getting to work?
Do you think the world would be more peaceful without any religion?
Have you ever internet stalked anybody?
Have you ever had a stalker?
Do you think sage smells like marijuana? (Some people do.)
Are you ever guilty of hypocrisy?
Have you kept the same icon here for a long time?
Why did you choose your icon, anyway?
Have you ever made any friends through Bzoink?
Would you like to make any friends through Bzoink?
Any fun facts (on any topic) you'd like to share?
Did you ever watch Labyrinth?
Could you ever see anybody other than Bowie as Jareth?
Does it hurt your feelings when people talk shit about things you love?
Is there anything you have a chip on your shoulder about?
Do you like it when people give you nicknames?
Do you often find yourself checking out people's butts?
Can you be friends with people with opposing political views?
When you make friends, are you usually the one to 'make the first move'?
What fandoms are you in?
Are there any fandoms you used to be in, but left?
Anything the fans in your fandoms do that pisses you off?
Do you ship anybody in your fandoms?
If so, what is your OTP? Your NoTP?
Do you more often feel superior or inferior to others?
What kind of pasta is your favorite?
Do you like beef jerky?
Do you prefer ruffly or regular potato chips?
What smells remind you of your childhood?
Do you write down your own recipes, or just commit them to memory?
Can you do any impressions?
What color do you want to dye your hair?
Do you have a 'meet cute' story with your partner or friend?
Did you know A Star is Born was technically a remake?
(There have been many versions of it.)
How do you like your chicken?
Do you enjoy cheese fries?
Do you eat refried beans?
What is a food you enjoy, but don't have very often?
Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Why?
Favorite fictional world?
Do you like fuzzy socks?
Do you wear slippers all the time in the winter?
Do you use lint rollers often?
Do you carry pepper spray?
Have you ever had to use it?
Have you ever been kicked out of a public place? Why?
Best thing to do during a power outage?
Has your power ever gone out for more than a day?
Art posters and tees where they have put tattoos and piercings...
on Old Hollywood stars -- yay or nay?
Do you have/have you ever had an unusual pet?
Do you donate to any associations that care for animals?
What keeps you coming back to Bzoink?