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Author: joybucket
Created: February 6, 2019
Taken: 42 times
Rated: G

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Do you know how to....

Created by joybucket and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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cook mac and cheese?
bake a cake from scratch?
read music?
play guitar?
use iMovie?
write a grammatically correct five-page essay?
write a novel?
paint with oils?
paint with acrylics?
paint clouds on a canvas?
braid hair?
build a campfire?
change a tire?
make a mocha?
make a latte?
brew coffee?
make a smoothie?
make ice cream?
hem pants?
put your hair in a bun?
count to 10 in Spanish?
speak another language fluently?
keep your room clean and organized for one month straight?
edit a research paper?
write a research paper?
make a works cited list?
properly introduce someone?
set a table?
organize your closet?
tie-dye something?
stop a baby from crying?
make yourself tired when you can't sleep?
hypnotize yourself?
make a dreamcatcher?
make a cootie catcher?
eat with chopsticks?
ride a motorcycle?
ride a bicycle?
balance on a basketball?
shoot a basket?
play floor hockey?
do a carthweel?
do the splits?
get in shape?
write in calligraphy?
sing opera?
get stains out of clothes?
do laundry?
relieve a headache?
relieve a backache?
relieve cramps?
do yoga?
play poker?
win at tic-tac-toe?
double dutch jumprope?
play Four Square?
read braille?
speak in sign language?
put on mascara with your mouth closed?
keep a secret?
write in cursive?
do algebra?
build a snowman?
cut hair?
put on make-up?
do winged eyeliner?
pose for pictures and look like a model?
lay out in the sun without getting a sunburn?
use an inhaler?
do the heimlich maneuver?
perform CPR?
dive off the diving board?
do a cannonball?
swim across a pool?
do the butterfly crawl?
do the worm?
tap dance?
dance ballet?
twirl a baton?
twirl a flag for Color Guard?
play an instrument?
swing dance?
do origami?
calm yourself down when you're stressed?
worship the Lord?
fold a paper airplane?
do long division?
win at hide and seek?
play Telephone?
play Red Rover?
play Pictionary?
do a card trick?
snap your fingers?
clap with one hand?
whistle with two fingers?
walk on your hands?
knit a scarf?
paint your nails?