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Author: vyvyan86
Created: February 6, 2019
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Questions inspired by our pinball machines

Created by vyvyan86 and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Contact - 1978
What's something from the 1970s that you really like?
Who is the seventh contact on your phone's contact list?
What is something that you have four of?
Would you be interested in making contact with extra terrestrials?
Have you ever seen a comet?
Stellar Wars - 1979
Do you see falluses in weird places?
Do you think space is as colourful as they say?
Do you enjoy hitting your targets?
Would you rather have a green or a white space ship?
Would exploring space be something you'd enjoy?
Flash - 1979
Do you like lightning?
How much of a plunging neckline is too much?
If you could, would you like to be in clouds?
Have you ever experienced a tempest?
Guys with long hair, yay or nay?
Star Trek - 1979
Have you ever watched the original Star Trek series?
Wasn't Uhura just the hottest space lady back then?
Can you do the Vulcan salute?
Would you ever go bald?
Viking - 1980
Are you interested in vikings and norse history?
Does anyone you know own a sword?
Would you be interested in watching two half naked muscular men swordfight?
Do you like eagles?
If you had a fancy goblet, what would you like it to look like?
Mousin' Around - 1989
How do you feel about rodents?
Do you think mice eat cheese for real?
Have you ever had mice, that weren't pets, in your house?
Have you ever smoked a cigar?
Have you ever had a lazy, fat cat?
Fire! - 1987
Have you ever been in a house fire?
Do you like horses?
Has a historical building in your city ever burned down?
Have you visited your town's firehouse?
Have you ever operated a fire pump?
WhoDunnit? - 1995
Do you enjoy murder mysteries?
Would you say that you're reasonably inquisitive?
Can you figure out the truth from the clues?
Do you enjoy playing the slot machines?
Have you ever worn a trench coat?
Doctor Who - 1992
Have you ever watched the original Doctor Who series?
Are you good at jumping over obstacles?
Do you like hats or scarves better?
Have you ever been inside a police call box?
What is time to you?
Fish Tales - 1992
Do you enjoy fishing?
What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?
Do you ever tell fish tales?
Would you rather rock the boat or feed the fish?
What do you think of water skiers?
JackBot - 1995
Do you like robots?
Are you a gambler?
Do you think playing cards are quite pretty?
Visor up or down?
Would you enjoy eing a pinup?
Twilight Zone - 1993
Do you have your very own gumball machine?
Have you ever had a talking doll?
Have you ever watched the TV-show, The Twilight Zone?
Do you have a clock with symbols on it?
Do you impersonate William Shatner and the gremlin episode on a plane?
Judge Dredd - 1993
Have you ever read the original Judge Dredd comic books?
Have you seen either of the two movies based on it?
Would you be interested in visiting the Deadworld?
Would you rather go on a stakeout or stop a nuclear plant from exploding?
Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
Gladiators - 1993
Would you reckon you'd win in a fight against a three headed lizard?
Would you rather fight with swords or lasers?
Have you ever held an actual mace (the spiky ball at the end of a stick)?
Wouldn't being a beast slayer sound cool?
What is your calm before the storm?
Sharkey's Shootout - 2000
Have you ever heard of Jeanette Lee?
Do you know how to play pool?
Have you ever played pool for money?
What's something you're waiting for a payoff from?
Do you know anyone called Tex?
Striker Xtreme - 2000
Do you enjoy soccer?
Have you ever played goalie in a game?
How many countries have you visited so far? Which ones?
What's the farthest you've ever kicked anything?
Ever broken anything while playing with a football?
Apollo 13 - 1995
Have you ever seen the movie, Apollo 13?
Have you ever seen a space rocket launching?
What's on the dark side of the moon?
What is the first thing that pops into your mind when I say, "Blastoff!"?
Do you like the number 13?
Revenge from Mars - 1999
Do you associate aliens with corn?
Why do you think Martians would be green?
Why don't they straighten the Tower of Pisa?
Would you ever want a chicken, a duck, a cow or a pig as a pet?
Why do aliens always attack the US in movies?