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Author: joybucket
Created: January 26, 2019
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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Valentine's Day-- Are We Alike?

Created by joybucket and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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You love Valentine's Day for the red, pink, and purple decorations.
You dress up in red, pink, and purple on V Day.
You like conversation hearts, but candy corn is better.
You don't have a date for V Day this year....
You only drink alcohol on special occasions.
You have asked your dog to be your valentine. lol
You like to wear red lipstick.
You will paint your nails red, pink, or purple.
You don't understand why people call magenta purple.
Pink is a lovely color.
You are able to see red, pink, magenta, and purple vibrantly.
You usually buy yourself a box of chocolates.
You've been given red roses.
You'd like to receive both roses and chocolates.
Roses and lilies are the best flowers.
Rainbow roses rock!
You want a shirt with a big heart on it.
You are planning to make some Valentine's crafts this year.
You own red and/or pink pants.
You own a red and pink striped shirt.
You own a sparkly magenta skirt.
You own dark red winter boots.
There will probably be snow on the ground on V Day.
There is snow on the ground now.
You own a pink and purple plaid shirt.
You've looked on Pinterest for V Day crafts projects.
You plan to wear purple eyeshadow.
You don't mind being single.
You wish you hadn't let a certain guy slip away.
You don't have any exes that you hate.
Friendships ending hurt you more than romantic break-ups.
You've been the most hurt by friends, not romantic partners.
There is someone you've been thinking a lot about lately.
There's someone you've been missing lately.
You are slightly offended at someone right now whom you love.
You truly love and care about your friends.
You own heart-shaped earrings.
You want to make a heart-shaped pom-pom.
Dollar Tree has great V Day decor!
You've shopped at Dollar Tree for V Day decor.
Unrequited love is terrible.
You wish more than anything that a certain someone would care about you.
You haven't been given flowers in a long time.
You haven't been on a date in a long time.
Your last date was a trip to the beach, and it went really well.
You're not sure if you want to get married.
...or have kids.
You enjoyed school dances more when you didn't have a date.
You first kiss was not romantic.
No one knows who is on your mind right now, and no one cares.
Pink is one of your favorite colors.
You think red looks good on everyone.
You've drawn red hearts on your face before.
You own purple eyeshadow and eyeliner.
You've worn magenta clip-in hair pieces.
Fuschia is the best shade of pink.
You like the strawberry cream-filled chocolates best.
You're in less pain now than you were last year.
You missed V Day completely last year.
You always made your valentines when you were younger.
You've never passed out storebought valentines.
You used to make valentines with doilies.
You think is the best color for cars.
Your Bible is pink.
You carry around pink pepper spray.
You own a pink flashlight.
You've worn pink cheetah tights.
The cold air turns your cheeks pink.
You used to own a pink sparkly tennis shoes.
Your prom dress was red.
Red was one of your school's colors.
Your phone is purple.
You like to write with pink or purple ink.
You own both bright red and bright pink lipstick.
...but you rarely use it.
You've tried bright pink eyeshadow.
...and didn't really think it looked good.
Only certain shades of pink look good on you.
You don't look good in neon pink.
You own pink leggings.
You own baby pink pants.
You've owned a pink coat.
You own pink Converse.
You like flamingos.
You used to own a jumper with a heart on the front.
You know someone who is colorblind and can't see bright red.
Someone has your heart but they don't know. :(
Your heart has been broken many times.
...by many different people.
You love someone.
You love someone dearly even though they're going down the wrong path.
You love God.
You love Jesus. :)
The best moments of your life are those spent with Him!
You find starry skies romantic.
You don't like romance novels.
You've never experienced sexual attraction.
You don't like kissing.
...but you love hugs.
You don't get nearly enough hugs.