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Author: joybucket
Created: January 23, 2019
Taken: 29 times
Rated: G

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How girly are you?

Created by joybucket and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the statements which apply to you. The more you get, the more
girly you are! Have fun!
You like the color pink.
You own a small dog.
You only wear pastel colors.
You own a designer purse.
You own a lot of shoes.
You like to wear high heels and wear them often.
You love make-up.
You have long hair.
You like poodles.
You have outfits for your dog.
You own a vanity.
You like to wear skirts and dresses.
You wear fake eyelashes.
You straighten or curl your hair.
You have a canopy bed.
You have a boyfriend.
You love shopping.
You have ridden in a limo.
You hate sports.
You always look cute, even during your down time.
You adore bubble baths.
You like "justgirlythings" on Pinterest/Tumblr.
You have fake nails.
Your nails are always painted.
Your room is mostly pink.
You own antique furniture.
You own a tiara.
You like to dress up like a princess.
You loved playing dress-up as a kid.
You take ballet.
You wear fuzzy slippers.
You own a fuzzy robe.
You write in a diary.
You don't like to get dirty.
Your skin always looks flawless.
You have hair extensions.
You own lingerie.
You like antique stores.
You wear make-up every day.
You wear designer clothes.
You own a faux fur (or a real fur) coat.
Your Christmas tree is pink.
You shop at Victoria's Secret.
You have your wedding all planned out.
You love flowers.
You smell the roses.
You like both chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day.
You own a diamond ring.
You own a pearl necklace.
You love cocktails.
You drink wine.
You are ditzy.
You are gullible.
You own porcelain dolls.
You like to curl your hair.
You like how your hair looks curled.
You've been to a school dance.
You've been to prom.
You believe the guy should ask out the girl.
You like it when guys hold open doors for girls.
You believe the guy should pay.
You own a tea set.
You remember having tea parties as a child.
You played with Barbies as a kid.
You had a favorite Barbie.
You style your hair in different ways.
You know how to apply make-up properly.
You're a diva.
You know how to walk in heels.
You watch your weight.
You like to read romance novels.
You go to the tanner.
You've been to a spa.
You've gotten a manicure.
You've gotten a pedicure.
You've gotten a massage.
You've had your hair highlighted.
You've had a perm.
You read fashion magazines.
You sleep in a nightgown.
You love candles.
You wear perfume.
You own diamond earrings.
You have your ears pierced.
You've gotten your hair professionally done for an event.
You've had a professional make-over.
You wear winged eyeliner.
Your favorite color is pink.
You collect dolls.
Dolls were your favorite toy as a kid.
You have neat handwriting.
You write letters.
You've written a love letter.
You've written a love story or poem.
You've fallen in love.
You know who you want to marry.
You are in love with someone right now.
You love the Nutcracker.
You've been to a ballet.
You wear earmuffs.
You consider yourself a girly-girl.
You've felt inferior.
You're superficial.
You're shallow.
You wear a lot of jewelry.
You wear rings.
You don't like fast food.
Farms are disgusting.
You like tea.
You like Victorian homes.
Your ideal home would be Victorian.
You've ridden in a horse-drawn carriage.
You like vintage things.
You own a little black dress.
You've worn your hair in a bun.