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Author: joybucket
Created: January 17, 2019
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G

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How boho are you?

Created by joybucket and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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Put an X next to the statements that describe you! The more X's you have,
the more boho you are! Have fun!
You are musician, artist, or writer.
You believe in truth, freedom, and love.
You own a dreamcatcher.
You've made a dreamcatcher.
You wear long skirts.
You love the outdoors.
You'd love to go on a road trip.
You love camping.
You've slept under the stars.
You've slept overnight in the woods.
You like to go barefoot.
You have long, wavy hair.
You like flowers.
You own a peace sign necklace.
You like hippies.
You've been called a hippie.
You've been called a free spirit.
You've played the moroccas or a tambourine.
You like medieval festivals.
You like music festivals.
You have dreadlocks.
You love nature.
You meditate.
You feel close to God in nature.
You're spiritual.
You're creative.
You're artistic.
You're gifted.
You've been called gifted.
You like to wear macrame bracelets.
You like tie-dye things.
You've tie-dyed something.
You've smoked weed.
You like to relax.
You like hiking.
You like picnics.
You like long, flowy tops and dresses.
You love bright colors.
Nature soothes you.
Water is peaceful.
You want to be one with nature.
You have tried yoga.
You eat healthy.
You have a mandala tapestry hanging in your home.
You own something with fringe.
You feel peaceful when you look up at the moon.
You've seen a lunar eclipse.
You own a shimmy belt.
You enjoy watching belly dancing.
You have hiked barefoot.
You have hiked a mountain.
You've been to a national park.
You love the mountains.
You love campfires.
You love it when someone plays the acoustic guitar around a campfire.
You own a pair of palazzo pants.
You own something that says "Free Spirit."
You own something with an elephant on it.
You like elephants.
You've practiced spiritual disciplines.
You believe in the spirit realm.
You're aware of the spirit realm/ you are able to sense spirits.
You are unique.
You do things in your own unique way.
You drink lots of water.
You drink green tea.
You've used the sun to tell time.
You love stargazing.
You're fascinated by stars, fireflies, and sunsets.
You love to dance in the rain.
You love the beach.
You've hitchhiked.
You own a lava lamp.
You've gone on a cross-country road trip.
You want to go on a cross-country road trip.
You've ridden a horse.
You own something tribal print.
You like arrows.
You've used a bow and arrow.
You have an adventurous spirit.
You long to go on a breathtaking adventure.
Ordinary life doesn't interest you.
You like feathers.
You march to the beat of your own drum.
You have magic in your veins.
You were created for greatness, and you know it.
You believe you have a calling.
You know what your calling is.
You would give up anything to go after your dream.
You will achieve your dreams no matter what it takes.
You're bold.
You're strong and courageous.
Hardships have made you strong.
You believe in the supernatural.
Living in community is the best way to live.
You take every chance and drop every fear.
You never miss a chance to dance.
You've danced with fans or flags or silk banners.
You've been to a summer camp.
You've been baptized in a lake.
You've been to a retreat by a lake.
You've spent the night in a cabin.
You've slept in a tent.
You own a teepee.
You like to do crafts.
You like Celtic music.
You own fairy wings.
You like butterflies.
You like mystical creatures and folklore.
You want to fly.
You've kissed a frog to see if it would turn into a prince.
You're scared of ogres.
You've met an ogre.
You believe in fairies.
You love forests.
You know how to build a campfire.
You've cooked a meal around the campfire.
You've been stargazing.
You've been star tripping.
You can point out the Big Dipper.
YOu've seen a harvest moon.
You love the full moon.
You've heard howling at night.
You think deer are lovely.
You like songbirds.
You would wear a flower crown.
You'd rather wear feathers and flowers than diamonds or pearls.
You've made the peace sign for a photo.
You've been to California.
You've had a henna tattoo.
You've celebrated Earth Day.