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Author: joybucket
Created: January 17, 2019
Taken: 17 times
Rated: G

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How Trendy Are You?

Created by joybucket and taken 17 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the statements which apply to you! The more X's you have, the
more trendy you are! Have fun!
You own riding boots.
You wear infinity scarves.
You've worn a cardigan with boots and a scarf.
You wear jeggings and/or skinny jeans.
You love Starbucks.
You own a sweater cardigan.
You wear hoodies.
You listen to pop music.
You watch youtube videos.
You have a smartphone.
You have an ipod.
You listen to music with earbuds.
You enjoy texting.
You text a lot.
You have a youtube channel.
You have a tattoo.
You have pierced ears.
You swear.
You've dyed your hair.
You've gotten highlights in your hair.
You paint your nails.
You've worn fake nails.
You wear make-up.
You straighten your hair.
You have side-swept bangs or a side part.
You've worn winged eyeliner.
You have something with your first initial on it.
You carry a purse or backpack.
You use a keychain.
You use your cell phone as an alarm clock.
You have posters on your walls (or did when you were in high school).
You've tried drugs.
You've ridden a motorcycle.
You love sleepovers.
You love pizza.
You've tried yoga.
You had a yo-yo as a kid.
You grew up watching Nickelodeon.
You've ran a 5k.
You've donated to charity.
You have your kids names picked out.
You have a ton of boards on Pinterest.
You use Twitter.
You take Instagram photos.
You use Facebook.
You used Myspace in high school.
You use Snapchat.
You type "lol."
You use emojis.
You have a cute mug for your coffee or tea.
You own a travel mug.
You drink coffee every morning.
You drink green tea.
You meditate.
You've taken a fitness selfie before.
You take selfies.
You like to look at yourself in the mirror.
You own neon running shoes.
You own a bright-colored sports bra.
You shopped at Limited Too/Justice when you were a kid.
You own a lot of scarves.
You take a lot of photos.
You wear lip gloss.
You can do the splits.
You've made a peace sign for a photo before.
You've taken a profile picture with a friend in it.
You've made a duck face for a photo.
You own oversized sunglasses.
You lay out in the sun in the summer.
You want a tattoo.
You love to eat fast food.
You love Chinese food.
You love Mexican food.
You love sushi.
You own uggs.
You wear leggings.
You own a pair of Lularoe leggings.
You own a tunic top.
You own an off-the-shoulder top.
You own a maxi skirt.
You wear short shorts.
You wear tank tops.
You wear bikinis.
You love to go to the beach.
You love ice cream.
You listen to music in the car.
You've had a car air freshener.
You sing in the shower.
You love tumblr.
You own at least one headband.
You know the cha-cha slide.
You chew gum.
You own a zip-up hoodie.
You have a favorite sports team.
You complain about the snow.
You drink energy drinks.
You own a plaid button-up shirt.
You own something "gay pride" or have been to a gay pride fest.
You own a laptop computer.
You spend a lot of time on social media.
You support gay pride.
You know someone who's gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
You know someone who's transgender.
You've contemplated suicide.
You know someone who's been suicidal.
You know someone who's committed suicide.
You know OF someone who's committed suicide.
You've been to Relay for Life.
You've started a fundraiser for charity.
You've had a garage sale.
You've knit a scarf.
You've played Four Square.
You collected pogs and/more Pokemon cards as a kid.
You cheated at Heads Up 7 Up in elementary school.
You've worn a studded belt.
You've worn a band tee.
You've been to a concert.
You've been in a Color Run.
You've made a bucket list.
You make to-do lists.
You've worn multiple macrame bracelets on your wrist.
You owned a Livestrong wristband.
You wear flip-flops.
You've played Frisbee.
You've done a cartwheel.
You've played jumprope.
You've stayed up to watch the ball drop at midnight.
You own Converse.
You've worn a messy bun.
You watch Netflix.
You love going to the movies with friends.
You love going to parties.
You drink.
You like cocktails.
You vape.