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Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: January 17, 2019
Taken: 34 times
Rated: PG

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Are You Like My Favorite Human?

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 34 times on Bzoink
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Thought this would be fun.
All of these things apply to my favorite human.
Put an x on those which apply to you, elaborate if you wish.
You have green eyes
Your parents are divorced
You have a lot of tattoos
You have a tattoo(s) in honor of a loved one
You are very laid-back
Many people think you're gay or bi
People often think you and your friend are dating
You are very gentle-natured
You love Lindt chocolates
You have dimples
Fleetwood Mac is one of your favorite groups
You are pro-LGBTQ+
You have helped somebody come out to their parents
You are a feminist
People always say you look like a certain celebrity
You always wear a silver crucifix pendant
But you don't consider yourself religious
You love the poetry of Charles Bukowski
You love cupcakes
You have modeled before
When you hug somebody, you don't let go until they do first
You enjoy performing in front of an audience
You have dated somebody much older than you
You are funny
You are a good actor
You make a lot of suggestive comments/jokes
You have a bit of a dirty mind
You have kissed somebody of the same gender
More than once
You have lived in a friend's attic
You try not to hurt anybody's feelings
You have really bad allergies
You have naturally curly hair
You have resting bitch face
You wear rings on almost every finger
People tend to think you're a slut
You are very health-conscious
You write songs
You have a shirt you've worn so much it's held together with safety pins
You like wearing loud prints
You are an excellent singer
People tell you that you're very attractive
But you don't consider yourself that attractive
You are very close to your mother
You like to wear hats
You have donated your hair before
You like tequila
You can juggle
You have a good head on your shoulders
You stick your tongue out a lot in photos
You are very sensitive
But you take jokes made at your expense very well
You're a little bit clumsy
You have fallen on your ass in front of a bunch of people
You avoid posting too much on social media
You are from England
It annoys you when people act 'too cool' to listen to certain music
You are great with kids
You give great hugs
You love babies
You have worked in a bakery
You have an ex you had trouble getting over
You have been on a blind date
You still think of your first bf/gf sometimes
You like the color pink
You sometimes wear pants made for the opposite sex
You actually like your parents' music
You listen to many different genres of music
You sleep in the nude
You have lots of friends
You get a lot of attention from the opposite sex
Some of your best friends are a lot older than you
You box for exercise
You have a deep voice
You sometimes kiss your friends (like on the cheek)
You love romantic comedies
Your favorite movie is The Notebook
You like to wear big sunglasses
You listen to a lot of 'old' music groups/artists
You actually listen to vinyl records
You are the youngest in your family
You have one sister
You are very close to your sister
You can play the guitar
You have been sexually harassed/groped by a stranger
You have been on a yacht
You have a beauty mark
You often blow kisses
You have been in a school play
You love bananas
You have dated somebody from a different country
You have lost a friend (as in, they died)
You are tall
People have said you have unique taste in fashion
People sometimes think you're trying to be like somebody else
You do yoga
You have broken your foot
You have found a favorite article of clothing at a thrift store
Your voice is naturally a little raspy
You wear long coats
You like girls in red lipstick
You are afraid of fireworks
You like carrot cake
You've had some ridiculous rumors spread about you
You like brussels sprouts
You try to be nice to even people who are rude to you
You are ticklish
You are afraid of rollercoasters
You can tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue
You are very confident
Thank you!