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Author: joybucket
Created: January 12, 2019
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Would you ever...

Created by joybucket and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by the things you would do! If you've done it, say "I have."
Feel free to elaborate if you wish! (Or you could say yes, no, or maybe).
Would you ever...
dye your hair pink
get a perm
get your hair permanently straightened
bungee jump
sleep under the stars
run a marathon
run a 10k
swim with sharks
get a puppy
get a kitty
share your most embarrassing moment in a youtube video
get plastic surgery
dye your hair black
dye your hair blonde
dye your hair red
dye your hair dark brown
go to a yoga class
travel across the country alone
go on a cross-country road trip alone
ride a motorcylce
ride a horse
go skinny dipping
dance in church
share your testimony in church
let someone else read your diary
eat at McDonald's every day for a week
go streaking
lie to get money
audition for American Idol
go back to high school for a day
want to be able to read minds
re-live your college years
want to be born the opposite gender
adopt a child
go on a missions trip
go to a rave
be in a mosh pit
sing a solo in front of a large audience
get your nose pierced
get a tattoo
try a belly dancing class
try an African dance class
travel to Asia
travel to Africa
go on a safari
wear a bikini
go to a strip club
sleep in your bathroom
get a massage
go on a blind date
live in a camper
sing karaoke
cut your own hair
smoke weed
smoke a cigarette
rope swing into water
ride on the tallest and fasted roller coaster in the world
hold a snake
pet a lion
ride in a hot air balloon
do a Color Run
be the lead in a play
hike a mountain
wear pajamas in public for a day
dress like the opposite gender for a day
dress up like a gypsy
go to a rock concert
swim in freezing cold water
get a henna tattoo
change your name
play truth or dare
sit in a hottub
go camping
ride on an airplane
drive a car across a five-lane highway
ride in a race car
take a college class
live on your own
live in a dorm
live with a roommate
share clothes with a roommate
start a youtube channel
wear leggings as pants
wear yoga pants in public
go out in public with curlers in your hair
dance in the street
jump off the roof on a dare
get a pixie cut
get dreadlocks
join a book club
sleep in your car
shave your head
done hair to Locks of Love
take an acrobatics class
wear a hoop skirt
wear bright red lipstick
wear black lipstick
wear blue lipstick
ride an elephant
make a prank call