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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: January 6, 2019
Taken: 12 times
Rated: PG

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Name Everyone You Know Who...

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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Name everyone you know who....
is Jewish
is Christian
is Atheist
is of another religion
has brown eyes
has blue eyes
has green eyes
has another colored eyes
is between the ages of zero and five
is between the ages of six and ten
is between the ages of eleven and fifteen
is between the ages of sixteen and twenty
is between the ages of twenty-one and thirty
is older than thirty
is a morning person
is a night person
is employed
is unemployed
works at the same place as you
is single
is in a relationship
is engaged
is married
is widowed/divorced
is pregnant
has kids
has no kids
has brown hair
has blonde hair
has natural red hair
has black hair
has their hair dyed an unnatural color
is good at singing
is good at dancing
is good at drawing
is good at painting
is good at acting
is good at writing
is good at guitar
is good at piano
is good at drums
is good another instrument
is athletic/sporty
is into fitness and going to the gym
smokes cigarettes
smokes weed
does shrooms
does other drugs
drinks often
doesn't drink
doesn't do drugs [not even weed]
is emo/goth/scene/alternative
is preppy/popular
doesn't fall in either of those stereotypes
has cats
has dogs
has other animals
has no pets
is vegan
is vegetarian
is on some other diet
has no diet/dietary restrictions
is lactose intolerant
has/had cancer
is bipolar
is depressed
plays videogames
loves to read
got a GED
never graduated highschool
graduated college/got a degree
is or has been enrolled in beauty school
makes YouTube videos
is white
is black
is Asian
is Hispanic
is of another race
is into photography
likes rock
likes metal
likes pop
likes hiphop/rap/R&B
likes KPop
likes country music
likes jazz
likes classical music
is a male
is a female
is non-binary
is trans
is straight
is gay
is bi
lives on the eastern half of the USA
lives on the western half of the USA
lives in a different country
is blind/visually impaired
is deaf/hearing impaired
is in a wheelchair or disabled
is austitic/retarded/has learning disbilities
is very thin
is overweight
Adios =]