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Author: joybucket
Created: December 30, 2018
Taken: 34 times
Rated: PG

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Never have I ever!

Created by joybucket and taken 34 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by all the things you HAVE done!
cried yourself to sleep
used a fake ID
drank underage
been in a car accident
questioned your sexuality
spent the night in a hospital
had an allergic reaction
had a crush on a teacher
farted and blamed it on someone else
dropped your phone in the toilet
cheated on a test
been to a club after 1am
fallen asleep in church
fallen asleep in class
faked an illness
been to the White House
changed a baby's diaper
got caught in the rain
been arrested
got a tattoo
got a tattoo behind your parent's back
started a nasty rumor about someone
been high off drugs
been drunk
fell asleep while driving
tried skinny-dipping
had cramps so bad you threw up
wet your pants in public
threw up in public (and not in a public bathroom)
pooped your pants in public
bled threw your pants in public
fallen down the stairs
ate an olive that you thought was a grape
slipped and fell on the ice outside during winter
gone skydiving
lied about your age
given someone a fake number
got caught in the rain
slept under the stars
wished you were the opposite gender
contemplated suicide
lied in a job interview
been bullied
came out of the closet
been discriminated against
had someone call the police on you
wrote a suicide note
attempted suicide
played truth or dare
played spin the bottle
played beer pong
cut someone in line
forged a signature
climbed a tree
broken a bone
felt left out
felt overwhelmed
ate chocolate or sweets to comfort yourself when you stressed
felt sick to your stomach when you were stressed
became speechless or tongue-tied in front of your crush
asked out your crush
been abused or bullied by your crush
had a friend turn against you
gotten revenge
contemplated revenge
given your life to Christ
accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior
been baptized in a lake
been baptized in a swimming pool
been baptized in a baptismal
been baptized in a bathtub
been baptized by having water sprinkled on your head
passed out
blacked out like you were about to pass out
slept with a teddy bear
called 911
lost someone close to you
became a parent
had sex
been raped
been sexually harassed
been assaulted in another way
used a fake name
left a note in a library book
been questioned by the police
had the police knock on your door
been abused by a cop
been bullied by a teacher
skipped class because your homework wasn't done
skipped class to go do something fun
skipped school for a day
hung up on someone because weren't stop talking
hung up on someone in a rude way
had someone who was very loving turn on you and become cold
had someone try to kill you
felt threatened for you life
almost died
tripped while wearing high-heels
been lied to
gone commando
gone out in public without a bra on (as a teen or adult)
had a migraine
had bright red period blood
threw up on a bathroom floor
thrown up from eating too much
felt sick from eating too much chocolate
ate chocolate and it immediately made your cramps worse
realized that chocolate and salt make your cramps worse
had a finger go completely numb and turn white
been angry at injustice
been a victim of racism
been angry at inequality
stood up to someone
let someone walk on you
turned away so you wouldn't cry in front of someone
needed to cry but held it in until you got home
wanted to cry but held it in so you wouldn't ruin your make-up
had lipstick on your teeth
ate a bug
slept on the floor
lived in a dorm
lived in your own apartment
been on a cruise
met a celebrity
met your favorite youtuber
had a bad doctor
had a nurse be really rude to you
had someone pose as a "Christian" just to disguise their rudeness
felt like you were all alone in a world full of people out to destroy you
got sunburned
had motion sickness