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Author: joybucket
Created: December 19, 2018
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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In the past year, have you....

Created by joybucket and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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started a new hobby
read a novel
opened a new social media account
deleted a social media account
met someone famous
became popular
made a new friend
lost a friend
been high
been drunk
been to the hospital
got prescribed a new medication
got married
got engaged
started a youtube channel
given birth
lost a child
been depressed
been suicidal
suffered from horrible side effects or withdrawal effects of a medication
traveled somewhere new
done something you regretted
made a bad decision
went camping
went on a date
went for a walk in the park
found a new favorite book
found a new favorite band
went to a concert
written a letter
been discriminated against
danced around your room
ran a race
won an award
accomplished a dream
witnessed a miracle
performed a miracle
experienced something supernatural
bought new shoes
went shopping
slept outside
had your computer crash
had an allergic reaction
had to use an epi pen
made a bucket list
accomplished something on your bucket list
fell in love
had a new crush
got asked out by your crush
had a dream come true
surrendered your life to Christ
felt the Holy Spirit
got baptized
led someone to Christ
seen an angel
seen a demon
felt like you were flying
had something very painful and upsetting happen to you
took a leap of faith/ stepped outside of your comfort zone
been kicked out of a store
had a pastor or pastor's wife be rude to you
forgot a doctor's appointment
slept on your floor
had a messy room/apartment
bought new pajamas
gained weight
lost weight
became more flexible
made a youtube video
tried something and failed
went to the doctor
went to the dentist
moved to a new house/ apartment
lived in a dorm
reminisced about the best years of your life
wished you had a time machine
wished you had more money
meditated on Scripture
sat outside just to soak up the sunlight
had a bad hair day
drank tea
tried a new drink
ate sushi
baked something from scratch
went to a county fair
spent your birthday alone
turned 30
turned 20
turned 21
turned 18
wished you were younger
wished you were older
turned sweet 16
wanted to get revenge
forgave someone
praised Jesus
worshipped Jesus
experienced withdrawals from a medication
drove a car
gotten your license
graduated from school
went to school
worked at a job
got fired from a job
got a new job
had something criminal happen to you
had something criminal almost happen to you
missed someone
visited family
wished you had a pet
ate healthier
built a snowman
taken a selfie
got a new phone
felt lonely
had the police knock on your door
painted something
sketched in a sketchbook
wrote in a diary or journal
wrote a love song
wrote a love letter
had a secret admirer
kissed in the rain
danced in the rain
danced in the snow
almost died /been close to death
daydreamed a lot
got a new car
flew on an airplane
went on a roadtrip
wished you had more friends
got your dream job
blocked someone on facebook
watched a lot of youtube videos
completed your library's summer reading program
decorated for holidays
dressed up for Halloween
celebrated your birthday
went out to eat
went to a coffee shop
modeled for a photo shoot
had professional photos taken
dyed your hair
donated old clothes
donated to charity
found a coin on the ground
wished you had a swimming pool
went to church
thought about how horrible this year was
hoped things would get better
done a craft you saw on Pinterest or Youtube
recorded a song cover
had an annoying and loud neighbor
had a neighbor who parties
went to a party
got a tattoo
snuck out of your house
ran away
moved out of your parent's house
stayed up all night
went to a sleepover
wished you had someone who cared about you
watched a sunset
watched a sunset
went for a morning walk
went for a walk in the park
rode a bicycle
built a blanket fort
held a baby
won a contest
eaten nachos
eaten Chinese food
wished you felt closer to God
felt angry
wished you had someone to talk to
paid for something with cash
made a collage
worn a class ring
worn multiple macrame bracelets
outgrew your clothes
worn make-up
discovered something new
wrote in cursive
drank spiked punch
read a magazine