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Author: joybucket
Created: December 13, 2018
Taken: 17 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike? Christmas edition!

Created by joybucket and taken 17 times on Bzoink
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You've never had a real tree.
You have a mini purple tinsel tree.
...and a mini green tree.
You want a white tree someday.
...because you love how white trees look with colorful ornaments.
You are doing Vlogmas this year.
...but you are behind.
You own an ugly Christmas sweater.
You made long Christmas lists when you were a kid.
You only have a few things you want this year.
...one of them is a blanket scarf.
...and one of them is an art journaling Bible.
You've experienced a white Christmas before.
You can't choose just one favorite Christmas song.
You like making paper snowflakes for your windows.
You love peacock ornaments.
Every year when you see the colorful bulbs at the store, you want 2 buy.
You have never made a gingerbread house.
....and you want to someday.
You want to do random acts of kindness even though you're poor.
You are behind on decorating this year and still aren't finished with it.
You have your own wreath that you bought at a craft fair.
Your wreath has peacock feathers on it.
You own a nativity scene.
You love Christmas decorations!
You love both red and green.
You look good in both red and green.
You own a Santa hat.
You've felt left out like Rudolf.
You're different like Rudolf.
You've been bullied for being different, like Rudolf.
You aren't using and advent calendar this year.
...but you have in the past.
You love snow!
You get snow where you live.
You have to wear three pairs of gloves in the winter.
It gets really cold where you live.
You don't like it when it's below zero and you can't go outside.
You like to put marshmallows on your hot chocolate.
Your favorite holiday Starbucks drink is a chai latte.
You want to learn to make gingerbread cookies.
It's green and sunny out right now, and you wish it were snowing!
You went sledding, build snowmen, and had snowball fights as a kid.
You will be celebrating Christmas alone this year.
You enjoy going to a Christmas candlelight service.
You like to wear Christmas socks.
You have a mini tree set up in your room.
You love looking at decorations around your town.
There's one house nearby that goes all out for Christmas.
You believe in angels.
You've gone Christmas caroling.
You've managed a puppet in the Christmas parade.
You've marched in a Christmas parade with the band.
Cinnamon candies are your favorite Christmas candies.
You've never kissed someone under mistletoe.
You've never believed in Santa.
Your parents told you Santa wasn't real right from the beginning.
You still have the same stocking you had when you were a kid.
You hang up lights in your room.
You're bad at wrapping gifts.
You have candles, but you always forget to light them.
You wish you had a fireplace.
You enjoy waking up early on Christmas morning.
You have a Christmas album that's been your favorite since you were a kid.
Your family decorated more and did more for Christmas when you were younger
You usually get your picture taken with Santa every year, somewhere.
You've spent Christmas alone and really enjoyed it.
You really dont' like spending Christmas with someone else's family.
You don't go Black Friday shopping.
You haven't sent out your Christmas cards yet.
...but you are going to.
You usually only get one or two cards.
You own Christmas pajamas.