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Author: joybucket
Created: November 13, 2018
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Perfectly Imperfect--are we alike?

Created by joybucket and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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You daydream a lot.
You miss someone a lot.
You've made some huge mistakes.
You have a lot of regrets.
You're 30.
You're never on time.
You're disorganized.
You compare yourselves to others.
You feel hurt inside.
You're lonely.
You miss living in community.
You're very talented but haven't used your gifts in awhile.
You wish you could change the past.
You want to move forward, but you keep screwing up again and again.
You get frustrated with people and things happening over and over again.
You love someone who is mean to you.
Your first crush was on a woman.
You've been suicidal.
You've been a victim of injustice.
You've been a victim of a lot of crimes.
You've been bullied.
You wish you had someone to talk to.
You can be shy at times.
You feel shy around certain people that you really like and want to like u.
You wish you could play an instrument.
You've hallucinated.
You've never been rebellious, and you wish you had in certain situations.
People think you are sheltered and religious, but it's not true.
You've been abused.
You've been judged.
You wish you were still young and and sheltered and naive...
You've had the worst cramps ever.
You're missing someone who was mean to you.
You sometimes have trouble letting go of things.
You have way too many clothes.
...and not all of them fit.
You've put up walls to protect yourself.
You wish you didn't make so many mistakes.
You never cry in public.
You want to be loved, but you feel so alone.
You are where you are now because of past mistakes, in part.
You know a lot of stupid people.
You wish more people were as smart and as kind as you.
You don't wear your retainer as much as you should.
You feel much more confident with make-up on.
More than anything, you want that one person to care about you.
You still go trick-or-treating.
You've not reported crimes that you should have.
Your eating habits aren't horrible, but they aren't always the healthiest.
You have a sweet tooth.
You eat birthday cake every year even though it makes you feel nauseous.
You wish someone loved you.
You have a collection of diaries, but you hope no one else ever reads them.
You're jealous of someone, or you've been jealous of someone.
You have Reynaud's.
You are really messy in art class.
...and you always need to wear paint clothes when you paint.
...but you haven't painted in years, and you really should.
You feel really sorry about something, but you feel like your friend...
...won't forgive you and is punishing you for what you did.
You screwed up big time.
You feel like you disappointed people who had faith in you.
Disappointing people is one of your greatest fears.
You don't trust people.
You've been backstabbed.
You comfort eat.
You forget things.
You misplace things often.
You don't always have your phone on you.
You're lonely and miss life and wish someone loved you...
You wish an apology were good enough....
Nobody thinks very much of you, and it hurts your heart.
You are poor and wish you had more money...