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Author: joybucket
Created: October 21, 2018
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike? Halloween time!

Created by joybucket and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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You've been trick-or-treating.
Your favorite Halloween candy is Tootsie Fruit Chews.
You look fruity candy better than chocolate.
You've dressed up as a witch.
...a fairy.
....Minnie Mouse.
...a Disney princess.
....a cowgirl.
...a fruit or vegetable.
....a cheerleader.
...a character from a book series.
You've worn homemade (meaning, hand-sewn or handmade) costumes.
You've put together your own costume with clothes from your closet.
Your least favorite candy is bubblegum.
You think handing out candy is the best!
You think fake cemeteries are the best decoration.
You don't like spiders.
You don't like gross things.
You think DIY costumes are usually the best.
You've watched a lot of DIY Halloween costume videos on youtube.
You want to be a pinata.
You want to be a peacock.
You want to be a unicorn.
...a butterfly.
.....an Indian.
....a Starbucks drink.
You've dressed up as a fairy.
...a gypsy.
...corn on the cob.
...a school bus.
You've worn a costume made from a cardboard box.
You've been through a haunted house.
...that made you jump.
....and you were scared.
...but you liked it because it made you laugh.
You love it when people go all-out for Halloween.
A lot of Halloween costumes look tacky.
Some people look terrible in their costumes.
You own a witch hat.
...a mardi gras mask.
....striped tights.
....a cape.
....yarn hair.
....a shimmy belt.
....fairy wings.
...a peace sign necklace.
....butterfly wings.
You've dressed up as a hippie.
You went trick-or-treating as a kid.
You had religious parents who didn't let you trick-or-treat.
You've been to "trunk-or-treat."
You think teenagers should be allowed to trick-or-treat.
You've been given a stuffed animal instead of candy.
You like painting pumpkins better than carving them.
You have worn a very unique costume before.
You have had a Halloween-themed birthday party.
You eat too much candy at once and then feel sick afterward.
You haven't watched a horror movie in years.
...but when you did, you used to make fun of them.
You used to think your house was haunted.
You are afraid of the dark.
You sleep with the light on.
You've read a book that gave you nightmares.
You can bend over backward like the girl in The Exorcist.
You hate blood and guts.
You think some costume ideas are really stupid.
You like pretty costumes better than scary ones.
You think the fart costume is funny.
You live where it is sometimes cold and snowy on Halloween.
You like candy corn.
You like pumpkins.
You drink pumpkin spice tea.
You drink apple cider.
You don't like to think that there is a creepy skeleton inside of you....
You would decorate for Halloween and hand out candy if you had a house.
You have been to a cemetery at night.
The mansions in your town give out whole candy bars!
You love holidays.
Halloween is one of your favorite holidays.
You believe in angels and demons.
...and the devil.
You have a sixth sense/intuition.
You have experienced the supernatural.
You have supernatural gifts/abilities.
You like reading books about the supernatural.
You've never used a ouiji board.
You believe in demonic possession.
You are an alien. (mwuahahaha!)
You like black cats.
You aren't superstitious.
You usually eat up all your candy in one night.
Your birthday is the week after Halloween.
You wish there were more GOOD Halloween-themed books to read.
...and movies to watch.
You've put a sheet over your head and pretended to be a ghost.
You've never been in your attic.
Your basement is creepy-looking.
There are cobwebs in your basement.
You would love to make a haunted house for people to walk through.
You've lived in a basement.
You think the night is peaceful, not creepy or dreary.
You like full moons.
You like the harvest moon.
You make wishes on the moon.
You think witches look best with striped tights.
...and so do fairies.
You've bought a Halloween costume online.
You have a witch hat that you've worn more than once.
You've made a Halloween costume out of a dance costume.
Your witch hat is cheap quality and was cheap.
It's usually windy on Halloween where you live.
You've been to a church service with people dressed in Halloween costumes.
You've won a costume contest.
You've never been to a Halloween party, and you want to be invited to one.
You want to throw a Halloween party, but you have no friends.
You think you can make better costumes than the ones you see at the store.
Your mom sewed/made your costumes when you were younger.
You've used black spray-on hair dye.
You like the Scary Monster mask.
You've gone as Princess Belle.
You love pumpkin-everything.
You love the smell of the leaves.
Your allergies usually act up around Halloween.
You've seen bats flying around.
You've had a bat in your house.
You enjoy Halloween decorations.
You are avoiding celebrate someone that you usually celebrate Halloween w/
You missed Halloween last year because you of illness.
You like sugar skulls.
You own Halloween-themed earrings.
You own a Halloween-themed shirt.
You've run a Halloween-themed race.
You've worn black lipstick.
You have pumpkin lights.
You like jack o lanterns.
You love someone who hates you and/or wants nothing to do with you.
Your heart hurts.
You're lonely.
You've been suicidal.
You live near or used to live near a cemetery.
Your town has a Skeleton Festival.
Your town used to have a Scarecrow Festival.
You've dressed up as a clown.
Your grandpa was a clown.
You like clowns.
You like Harry Potter.
You aren't a fan of Twilight.
Your zodiac sign is Scorpio.
...even though it doesn't fit you at all.
You think you're really a Libra.
...but you don't believe in the zodiac, anyway.
You like your Chinese zodiac sign better.
Your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.
You know what you want to be this year.
...but it's a weather-permitting costume.
You have a back-up costume plan in case it rains.
You still plan to trick-or-treat if it rains.
You want to go trick-or-treating this year.
You have a sugar skull trick-or-treat bag.
You've put up decorations in your room or apartment.
You want to make DIY Halloween decorations.
You want to dress up as Mother Nature.
...and the Queen of Hearts.
...and an emoji.
...and a moon goddess.
...and a pumpkin.
Goodwill has some good costume pieces.
You don't own any wigs.
...but you want one.
You want nerd glasses.
You've dressed up as a colorful witch.
You could make a ton of costumes with clothes from your closet.
You have a lot of creative costume ideas.
You own fishnets.
You tried fake eyelashes once and thought they were too hard to use.
You don't like angel costumes; you think "wrong season."
You don't like "sexy" costumes.
You know someone who dresses up as a witch every year.
You've worn the same costume more than once.
You have the right hair for a Disney princess costume.
You want to make a DIY costume with $1 store items.
You love Halloween.