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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: October 15, 2018
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

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Long This Or That

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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hot or cold?
rain or shine?
cash or card?
a few close friends or tons of acquaintances?
gold or silver?
drink or smoke?
wheat bread or white bread?
laptop or desktop?
optimistic or pessimistic?
regular milk or soy milk?
cake or pie?
TV or radio?
sing or dance?
letters or emails?
yesterday or tomorrow?
fast or slow?
dogs or cats?
computer or phone?
eat or sleep?
live wealthy or die remembered?
vampire or werewolf?
candles or incense?
tip small or tip big?
city or countryside?
beer or wine?
table or booth?
crossword puzzles or Sudoku?
boat or plane?
host a party or attend a party?
a twin brother or twin sister?
pets or plants?
staying up late or going to bed early?
magic show or standup comedy?
pants or shorts?
quality or quantity?
be rich or be famous?
East coast or West coast?
work in a team or work alone?
vegan diet or gluten free diet?
ballet or opera?
PC or Mac?
phone calls or texts?
horn instruments or strings?
sequels or prequels?
looks or personality?
quotes or memes?
lead or follow?
past or future?
curly hair or straight hair
shooting pool or bowling?
boots or sneakers?
instrumental or acapella?
snowboarding ot skiing?
t-shirts or flannels?
glass half empty or half full?
trains or planes?
audio books or paperback?
religious or spiritual?
jump out of bed or wake up slowly?
tight clothing or loose?
back seat or front seat?
museums or landmarks?
day time walks or night walks?
gym workouts or outdoor exercise?
city sidewalks or mountain trails?
Democrat or Republican?
buttons or zippers?
chess or checkers?
diamonds or pearls?
apartment or house?
ketchup or mustard?
bar soap or body wash?
bubble wrap or packing peanuts?
debit or credit?
tap water or bottled?
whistling or humming?
bright lights or soft lights?
work for a large company or be your own boss?
one-story house or two-stories?
bare walls or cluttered walls?
slides or swings?
math or spelling?
electric razor or disposable?
blinds or curtains?
theme parks or fairs?
Jello or pudding?
bracelet or necklace?
waffles or pancakes?
truth or dare?
salt or pepper?
predictable or spontaneous?
forest or jungle?
snakes or spiders?
fruits or veggies?
rainbows or shooting stars?
sun or moon?
bubbles or balloons?
stripes or polka dots?
tan or pale?
glasses or contacts?
young or old?
stickers or stamps?
pool or hot tub?
cursive or print?
tattoos or piercings?