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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: October 5, 2018
Taken: 16 times
Rated: G

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Health Are We Alike

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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You have asthma
You have an inhaler
You have a nebulizer
You have a humidifier
You have acid reflux
You might have IBS
You've had hemorrhoids
You are lactose intolerant
You physically can't burp
You've had SIBO
You've been anorexic
You are very underweight currently
You want to gain weight
You may be allergic to lemons
You have trouble swallowing sometimes
You get chest pains a lot
You often have a cloudy feeling in your head
You get migraines
You get ocular migraines
You have very poor vision
You are near-sighted
You have glasses
You've been to an ER
You've been to an Urgent Care
You have scoliosis
You have gingivitis
You've had your wisdom teeth removed
You've had braces
You are vitamin D deficient
You've had pinworms before
You've had a prolonged QT interval
You've had a significant drop in blood pressure at one point
You've fainted before
You've had a CT scan done of your brain
You've had an ultrasound
You've had an EKG done
You've had a colonoscopy
You've had anesthesia before
You've had blood drawn
You're on birth control
You've had cavities
You just feel very unhealthy in general
Two more
Which conditions do we have in common?
Which conditions do you have that I don't?